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SirSnow avatar 3:36 PM on 06.05.2013  (server time)
Bargain Bin Hoarding—Steam Style.

PC gaming is dying.

I'm sure you've heard that one before. I don't know if people still think this way today, but I do remember hearing a lot about this. People would say that consoles will eventually completely shut out the PC gaming scene, and yet here we are with something magical; a robust PC gaming community, thanks to companies like Valve and their Steam service. It is no small feat what Steam has accomplished for the PC community. Not only does it promote digital distribution, it also interacts with the community on a whole different level than we are used to seeing. So yes, great company, great ideas, and that's as far as I go in terms of plugging them because I'm not getting paid to say this. 

What makes Steam so awesome however is the fact that they have some really neat sales on games. We're talking up to 90% off! A few bucks for a game that you've wanted to play but didn't feel like paying $50 bucks for? No problem! It's like $5 bucks now. So here's where the problem begins.

When do you stop?

I've personally found myself hoarding these Steam sales and generally any other outlet that does this. So the games keep piling up...
Now, I don't claim to have an enormous library, but more than half of the games I've purchased haven't been touched at all. They just sit there. It's like a collector item shelf with dusty old games.

So what does one do? Do you stop buying up all the cheap games?
Hell no! They're so cheap! You can't pass up a good deal!
And so the cycle continues...

I have personally found that forcing yourself to abstain is rather hard and forcing yourself to play games is just no fun at all unfortunately. Sometimes it feels like one of those anti-drug slogans.

Just say NO! to Steam sales.

Should they have a show for this? 
Probably not, but it would be interesting to see how many people face this problem.
So here is my question to you: how do you deal with this hoarding problem, if you have one?

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