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SirPwntALot avatar 6:47 PM on 11.17.2013  (server time)
Black Friday Deals? Awesome! What can I get for Wii... U...

[font=Verdana]Hello for the first time my fellow Destructioders! Destructoidteers? Ahh, doesn't matter, ANYWHO!  I have recently found myself in the position of owning a Wii U. So far, I LOVE IT. The ability to play games on the gamepad is WAYYY more than what I expected. Actually I don't know what I expected. I just bought a 3DS around August, and my love for Nintendo went into overdrive. LOVE makes us do crazy things kids! But, back to the point, as I am nuzzled with my Wii U while the weather gets cold, I look to my sources to see what games I would like to prospectively pick up for a buck on Black Friday.

I thought to myself, "HEY, Battlefield 4 sounds fun."  "Yeah, I could play it on my 360, but I felt like I would be getting a different experience on my BRAND-SPANKN' NEW Wii U!"  I look to Walmart's AD, but alas, 360, and PS3 only. It wasn't till later I realized that EA had pulled the plug on Battlefield Wii U quite a while back.

Slightly discouraged, I carry onwards with my search. I thought, "Well, if I can't get Battlefield, I'll settle for Call of Duty Ghosts."  As I look up the AD once more, I see it for a price tag of $40. Considering it just came out recently, $40 seemed like a good price see how a "Triple A" shooter would fair on Nintendo's console. I know some would dub that the Call of Duty "experience" would be most optimal on either of Sony's or Microsoft's current consoles, but something in me just wanted to be the guy that casually walks into Walmart on Black Friday and picks up one of the scores of unsold Wii U: CoD copies with no hassle.

Sadly though, upon closer inspection, I see that the Black Friday discount only applies to the 360, and PS3 versions of the game.  At this point, I was mighty disappointed. Desperate, I go to and check their currently compromised lists of all the Black Friday deals for the Wii U. You know how many I found? Seven. Seven games. Not counting Console Bundles, or Buy 1 Get 1 deals. Just Seven Games. Unless I want a Scribblenauts game or a LEGO game, my best bet is to go to Gamestop and get Zombie U or Rayman Ledgends. I found this seriously disappointing.

Now I understand that the Wii U is considered a next generation console. I also know that Nintendo's First Party titles RARELY budge in price at all, and I assume that Nintendo has little to no control over what rate Third Party developers reduce the prices of their games.  BUT, I believe that if Nintendo wants to make profits, they should be doing everything possible in their power to make their product seem more attractive than the new hotness of the Xbox One and PS4. Hell, all the discounts I see are all going to the 3DS' favor.  You have multiple game bundles for all versions of the 3DS/2DS, and GOOD SOLID GAMES for the handheld!  I can't imagine what child WOULDN'T have a 2DS and a copy of Pokemon X or Y by the end of this year.  The 3DS doesn't need this attention because it is selling well.  On the other hand, the Wii U, in it's current state, is being treated like a redheaded stepchild that you'd play Skylanders on.

Just food for thought, if you see a fellow shopper with a Wii U in their buggy this Christmas Season, just look and them, and nod at them respectively, because they are probably having a hard time finding a deal in their investments than you are.


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