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Monaco: What's Yours is a Great Game

With the recent release of Monaco, the internet is buzzing about this unique game. I recently sat down with two friends and played my way through the first few hours, and I can say that this heist simulator is all it's hyped ...


Further Lessons from the Bear and Bird

Ah, sequels.  We love them or we hate them.  We'll froth at the mouth in anticipation of more games that we love, and the release will either prove us right or make us swear of games forever.  Any sequel, no matter how clever...


Lessons from the Bear and Bird

I spent a while pondering what I could discuss in my first blog post. The first post sets the tone for the rest of the blog and all other posts to come. A daunting task, to say the least. What would this blog be about? Ho...


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Post-college gamer, writer and artist.

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