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SirDregan avatar 3:34 AM on 10.20.2009  (server time)
Why console gamers bend over and take it from big companies

Yesterday i needed a new 60GB harddrive for my Xbox360, because i had no space left for the next episode of Fable II. I swallowed my pride and payed 80 (about 120$) for the promising package.
But as i arrived at home i realised that i didn't had a clue how to transfer my data from the old drive. I tried using a external drive and a usb stick but the damned box wouldn't let me copy MY data!
As i googled i heard the laugther of my non-gaming nerd friend in my head, who had cracked his Xbox360, got 250GB for the price of my 60GB and even uses both drives at the same time without any restriction.

A bit later i found out that i could order a transfer cable for my drives for free if i ask. Isn't that a nice service? And that got me thinking: why didn't i crack mine? And why did i even consider buying a ugly, overpriced memory unit to transfer my savegames or a even more overpriced 120GB drive which has the cable allready included?
We all know why: because we are junkies and bend over for our fix!

They lure us with teasers and trailers, which are nothing more than preview porn - promising us filthy excitment. While in reality it's just a painful assfuck! And what do we do? We wait in line, pre-order months ahead and are happy to pay for getting ripped off and fucked with time and time again.

We yell, we scream and curse the newest game or piece of shit, overpriced hardware to hell.
We pay 60$ (or 90$ for the same game in germany) for 8 hours of gameplay we allready know like the hot neighbours workout schedule.
We pay another load of money for Addons, Bonus Items, Avatar-crap.
We buy stupid hardware that we need to play a single game and sell it away a couple of months later on ebay to buy the next stuff.

And then we yell and scream and curse some more and after a good night's sleep we get back in line for the next pre-ordering. But it's time to stop now!
We are the ones with the power in our hands. Our money is the blood for the corporate vampires so i say stop feeding the greedy bastards! Don't buy games from big companys who don't have a soul and try to sell you high polished crap.
And the fucks who think they can publish absolute awesome games like Demon's Souls* on just one platform to make you buy their console!
Stand up! Burn your manuals!
Dress up in your merchandise clothes and grab your controller!
We'll march to the forts, pull out all the suits and beat the stupid smile from their faces!
Go on! Grab your torches!

I'll join you later, i just have to make a quick stop at my retailer, i think their might be some copies of brutal legend left...

* seriously, dude - fucking awesome article! I don't know if i should thank you or beat the shit out of you for making me want to buy a PS3 because of that game!

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