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SirDregan avatar 2:14 PM on 04.15.2010  (server time)
Finally finished: my nerdtastic home

I really planned to blog more often than just the couple of entries i posted, but there were unforseen consequences that... eerrr... kinda forced me to move out and find a new nerd-home. But this gave me the opportunity to finally set up a nerdtastic home i can enjoy live and game in. So welcome to my home, dear reader! Destructoiders are always welcome!

The front door should allready give you a perfect example how nerdy i am. So pack enough health and mana potions, equip your best gear and get ready to raid. You can even exchange your Yoshi Doll for the Ribbon in here. And remember: Keep your eyes open for all the details!

As you enter the hallway you have to be strong! We immortalized the worst scenario in gaming existence from my first (handheld) console game i ever owned (Tetris on the old black&green Gameboy). This was the beginning of my passion for games. Thanks mum and dad!
I pass this one every morning on my way out and remember that life will allways throw you a line piece when you gave up hope. So i prepare for the worst by starring at the horror to train myself for the outside world.

Okay i just made that last part up. In fact i just needed something to fill the blank hallway with style.
Let's skip the kitchen south-park madness (you can see that at the gallery) and enter the living-room. Please look at the floor so you won't see all the stuff at once, turn white and die of overwhelming nerdiness (happened twice and i don't have any room left to bury another dead gamer in the garden...) Turn your head right and slooowly lift it up. There we have the DVD shelf with the special edition corner. It doesn't look like that much but i just buy movies i really like and watch more than twice. There are about 400 DVDs right now. Whups 401 - just bought another one. Online shopping is a mean wallet-eater!

As we proceed a little to the left you'll see - around my pc i'm just typing this - the "Nerd-WG Gedächtnisecke". I can't really tranlsate that properly, but it's like a tribute to my last place where i lived with four crazy gamers. We had this big stairway were we would cover the walls with funny or amazing pictures, game covers, photos from trips or little gems we held dear (like a dollar from my New York visit, photos taken on our "sleep:less" film sets, tickets from a concert and so on). Try to spot all the things you know in the gallery! ADVERT WARNING! There's even a invitation from our short film premiere!! Check out my awful german accent in the trailer and give me some feedback! ADVERT WARNING!

Now we turn around 180° and take a few steps forward. There is a large white wall (more on that later) and then there is the music game corner with Guitar Hero 2,3,World Tour and DJ Hero. And of course there is south park. Wasn't the GH Episode just awesome? Yeah i know, it really was.
But it's more fun playing drunk with friends while pretending to be rockstars.

Finally let's turn a little more to the right, ignore the sick huge red couch (i had such luck finding that), turn a little more and look at the game spot. Err... okay you can't see the wii right now and i haven't bought a playstation 3 yet. Also the N64, SNES, PS1 and PS2 are still in the basement but hey! Look at the allmighty DestrOctoid! My tribute to the best community i've ever been part of. It was a bitch to draw (all the stuff on the walls is hand painted with markers and brushes. Yes, even the tetris words) but i always wanted a destructoid logo and a octopus in my home, so i just combined them for total awesomeness!

The perfectionist in me says "meh.", but the nerd says "STFU! You got a fucking Destructo-tentacle-thing on your wall!" So what do you guys think?
What did you say? Where is the TV? Ah i almost fogot:

I know it's bragging! I'm sorry but i just LOVE it! You have to try playing Just Cause or Dante on 2.22cm x 1.70cm (87.4inch x 67inch) - you'll be blown away!
So what do you think of my setup?
(More pictures in the gallery)

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