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SirDregan avatar 3:48 AM on 10.29.2009  (server time)
Dj Hero Renegade Edition - is it worth it?

Yesterday i got my big package with the DJ Hero Renegade Edition. Once i saw the big package i instantly asked myself if it was worth the money. I mean, we gamers get screwed by big companies all the time, right? I instantly got mad at myself for throwing my hard earned money out the window.

(NOTE: There isn't a real picture of the suitcase online, it does look a lot cooler thant that. I'll try to upload one soon)

But as i stripped the cardbox-whale of it's skin and stared at the big suitcase inside i was proven wrong. It looks and feels heavy. The design of the turntable is really nice and what's more important - it doesn't feel like you'll end up with a broken controller in 6 months (as i write these lines i'm staring disappointed at my old Guitar Hero controller who will only work about 2/3 - which can be very frustrating if you want to play on expert).

After watching the pretty good intro again (if you haven't seen it, you can find it at the end of this post), i jumped right into the fun... oh wait, you can't. You have to play the tutorial first. Okay so this isn't a big deal for me but you can't just go and start your career before playing the turorial. But after all - it's a brand new controller so the tutorial is good to get a feeling for the game. The only thing that annoyed me is the stupid voiceover, who sounds like a 30year old wannabe-hiphop producer who talks to his dog. I don't know if the english voiceover is that bad, so this may or may not be an issue.

So, let's finally jump into the game, shall we?
It begins with simple button tapping, then scratching and crossfading.
The tapping is pretty simple, just like one would imagine tapping on a button.

To scratch, you have to hold the button shown on the screen and move the turntable up and down. It is simple at first, but gets more difficult on higher difficulty. There you'll have to scratch exactly the way the symbols tell you to (For example: Up-Down-Up-Down or Up-Down Down). Later, you'll have to scratch while crossfading and change buttons while scratching.

Crossfading is just moving the fader to the left, right or back to the middle position. Sounds easy, but i found the right timing to be the most challenging of the first tutorial.

At first it might feel hard to start/stop scratching or crossfading at the exact position but the controller feels good and reacts excellent and after the tutorial voice shuts up, the overall feeling of the game is really excellent. After about two or three songs i started moving with the sound and was able to hit almost every crossfade and scratch exactly as planned.

Then there is the "euphoria" which works similar like the star power in Guitar hero. If you can hit all the notes in a special section that glows blue, you can activate "euphoria". It enables you to get a higher multiplier for a short amount of time.

The "freestyle" feature of the game consists of hitting the red button to play a sample in a special section on the red track. It's okay and i use it sometimes but you can totally forget about it. Boring!
The other feature is a little cooler. You can modify the sound of a track if there is a orange bracket over it, or modify the whole sound if the bracket is over all three tracks. It feels good, you get more points and it adds a little tiny dj feeling to it.

Last but not least the coolest feature in my opinion: the rewind.
I'm not sure if that's correct but i think you can rewind if you hit the notes perfect for a while. As soon as you see the green rewind symbol you can rewind the turntable one full turn and that will rewind the song a bit, too. Then you're able to play a section again with a higher multiplier which results in higher score and is really satisfying!

The Renegade Edition of DJ Hero has a special CD with Jay-Z & Eminem Songs included. It has about 20 tracks on it if i remember correctly, but no new exciting stuff. There is also the suitcase which also works pretty good as a table for the controller (i played the whole time standing in front of the table). It could be more stable i guess, but i had no problems and it feels good while playing. And of course it contains the special edition of the turntable controller, which made me personally choose the Renegade Edition over the normal bundle.

So to sum things up: after a couple of hours of playing it seems like it has the same learning curve as the guitar hero games. Easy to get into, harder to master and a hell lot of fun!
I was very worried at first but it is a great game. Of course, the renegade edition could be a little cheaper, so if you are patient just look for it on ebay.
If you ask yourself: "Yeah, but is it anything like being a real dj?"
i can answer that. "Is guitar hero like playing a guitar? No, it's not! Wtf are you thinking?"

But if you like the music you heard in the trailers and the concept of music games you just have to get DJ Hero - you won't be disappointed!

DJ Hero Intro:

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