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Tobiichi avatar 7:05 PM on 04.25.2012  (server time)
World War Fun (The Posters of Podtoid)

Since people liked the first posters of podtoid post, I figured it's only fair of me to tell you about new ones. So here's my take on World War Fun!

I knew immediately that I wanted the colour-scheme I used. For once I actually began with the logo, after the logo was done I moved on to the finding a good picture of a happy but still creep DaFoe... Was not that hard. The nazi eating a sausage (that symbolizes a penis, duh) is based on a stock-photo that I quickly edited because I could not make the poster without that imagery.

The biggest problem was the background which is a mashup of a weat-field, a playground and a World War One battlefield... Yeah, if I'm doing this I'm gonna do it right. I put the playground on top of the soldiers to not have too much death in there (it's a fun film after all, no death and guns and that crap) and started removing the environment around the playground.

Finally came the extra text, the top bit (playground of death) is something I'm not that happy with, but without it the poster was too empty and I had no funny left in me at that point, the bottom tagline was a given. As for the crew info, people who have listened to the episode should know why I picked the director.

I hope you like this poster as I liked making it, as always, here's a full gallery of my Podtoid posters:

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