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Tobiichi avatar 8:23 AM on 04.10.2012  (server time)
Resident Evil 6 looks like shit.

New Captivate 2012 Trailer:

Resident Evil 6 is probably the worst piece of shit Capcom has pulled on the fans of Resident Evil by the looks of this. It's obvious the "It's Raccoon City all over again" thing was only a fake-out for the beginning of the game and that it will not represent what we were seemingly promised.

Am I glad that Sherry is back? Yeah, if this wasn't the third time she was supposed to come back, I'd be glad. But I can't say I care any more.

Albert Wesker had a son? Really? Why even bring up the Wesker Children in LiN if you're going to trade it off for this!? The Wesker Children was the concept of several children kidnapped and experimented upon, born from different mothers but for a equal goal. Albert Wesker was the 13th child, Alex Wesker was the 12th. The common theory was that this mercenary was Alex Wesker. But I guess not.

Because now Wesker apparently had a kid somewhere before the Raccoon City incident. It must have been that early seeing as how he's far older than 15 years. And it can't be Alex Wesker since ALEX WESKER WAS FUCKING BORN BEFORE ALBERT WESKER.

I normally don't write blogposts when I'm angry, because I tend to not make very well made points and come off as rambling, but Resident Evil is just too close to my heart for me to let this sink in and have me calm down. Normally I'd watch the trailer at least twice to revisit it knowing what's coming, but I can't. This has hurt me as bad as the Paul W.S. Anderson films did, if not possibly worse since this is canon.

I was hopeful after Revelations, maybe Capcom did understand what I wanted for the franchise, but I guess not. I'm happy for anyone who thinks the game looks fine, but I can not bring myself to agreeing. This is the first time I've ever wished for the prototype of Resident Evil 4 to be true for the sole reason of ending the franchise before it went this way.

I've cancelled my pre-order of Resident Evil 6.
I will not be buying Resident Evil 6.
I will not continue my 16th Anniversary playthrough of the series.

My copy of Dragon's Dogma still comes with a free demo so I might try the game just to give it a last chance, but I'm not even sure I will do that any more. I've played my way through too many shitty Resident Evil games to do this again. Hell, even if the demo is awesome I want to try it more before I'm sure, and with the new release date I won't be able to preview it at GAMEX before release so I guess that's out of the picture.

Sorry, I had to get this out.

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