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Tobiichi avatar 6:51 AM on 05.31.2012  (server time)
My E3 Podcast! ...and YOU can be a part of it.

Okay, by now you probably know that I'm hosting a annual E3 Podcast. Well now I also have some details on it for you!

Last year I had four episodes across four days, this year will be a bit different because of scheduling and other minor issues getting in the way. So instead the new schedule has one pre-E3 show to test out the format, audio and all that jazz. Then four episodes across three days, with the first two being a double-parter based around the three major console publishers. Part 1: Microsoft and Sony followed by Part 2: Nintendo, the reason for this is, once again, scheduling.

This isn't too bad though, since the actual E3 Expo is only on those 3 days, so it's still a daily show like before, I also have a new co-host this year, some of you might know him, some might not. His name is Gregory Edwards and we'll be bouncing opinions and thoughts on E3 back and forth. I might also have special guests on certain episodes, but that has yet to be set in stone because of... You guessed it, scheduling.

Current Schedule:
1st June 2012 Evening - Episode 0: Pre-E3 and Konami
5th June 2012 Midday - Episode 1 - Part 1: Sony and Microsoft
5th June 2012 Evening - Episode 1 - Part 2: Nintendo
6th June 2012 Evening - Episode 2: Third-Party and General E3 Talking
7th June 2012 Evening - Episode 3: A Look back at E3 2012 and Best/Worst's
Time and Date according to Central European Time.

Tomorrow (when I get back from Prometheus) I'm gonna post the Pre-E3 episode where we talk about the Konami conference and our expectations and predictions for E3. While doing this I would love to hear your predictions as well! So write them bellow in the comments!

This is something I hope to do which each episode, taking in comments and suggestions from you people, because after all, I'm doing this because I hope you'll like it, if I just wanted to talk E3 with Gregory I would do so without recording it and spending a lot of time in editing. So please, listen and take part in it! What's there to lose?

Tobbii Karlsson on Twitter

Gregory Edwards on Twitter

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