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Tobiichi avatar 10:29 AM on 06.09.2012  (server time)
Muddy Buddies (Posters of Podtoid) + Podcast

Kicking off this post with my #1 most requested poster to make, MUDDY BUDDIES!

This one was so much fun to do, it's one of those where I had a picture in my head from before I even began working on the poster. Obviously this is the moment where the kids find the Mud Man in the rainy-magic-mud, he opens up his eyes, then the smile forms and he starts rising. One of the most memorable pitches in Podtoid history.

All Posters on DeviantArt:
The DA posters have higher resolution and quality.

Also, here's mine and Gregory's E3 Podcast we did the last few days easily listed for all of you.

The full playlist on Mixcloud:
They also exist on, but this was the preferred method of listening in the end.

Twitter accounts:
Tobbii Karlsson
Gregory Edwards

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