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Tobiichi avatar 9:41 AM on 04.14.2012  (server time)
Help: Streaming from Consoles

During the better half of 2011 I did a whole lot of streaming on, I played some PC games and stuff like it and it was a lot of fun. But I wanted to go further with that idea, I wanted to stream from my console. My Xbox 360 to be precise.

So I asked around as to what I should get for such a thing. I didn't need anything fancy since I don't play in HD (Can't afford a HDTV to begin with) but simply something to capture SD footage should be fine. People told me to get a Dazzle, so I did. Me and some friends planned up a celebration for Sonic's 20th Anniversary where we would play through all the major games, the good and the bad, the capture device were to get here before that date so it should be fine.

Except it wasn't fine. The Dazzle arrived (The model number escapes me, but it was either 100 or 150 I think) almost too late, but hell I got it plugged in and made my Laptop recognize the drivers and all that jazz. Here's where the first problem came, it would only capture 50Hz. Almost every game on the 360 these days won't support 50Hz, so immediately things were ruined. I tried to work around it as best I could but it was no use. I figured I'd make the best of the situation and just play the games that did work in 50Hz.

So I got it all running, the quality was decent enough for what I wanted to do and I booted up my xSplit. Naturally the Dazzle doesn't allow for streaming, the drivers are only accessible through Pinnacles own software, I couldn't even stream the preview window from Pinnacle, so it was all just money tossed in the lake. I got a little use for it, I used it to record some Wii footage, but overall everything was ruined.

Well, there's almost been a year since that disappointment, so it's time to try again and do it right this time! But I need you guys help.

I want to stream from my consoles through my computer to the interwebs on, how should I go about doing this and what do I need to buy?

Keep in mind:
-I don't need HD (I still don't have a HDTV) but rather just the ability to stream 60Hz SD footage.
-I'm using Windows 7, so some older stuff doesn't work. (Hence why my Dazzle only worked on my laptop)
-Right now I'm using xSplit for my stuff, it would be best if it's compatible with it, if not please give me a suggestion for another software.

Thanks for taking your time to read this stuff, I hope you folks who know more about this can help me out here.

Also, quick update on Silent Hill week!

I'm not saying it's delayed... Yet. As some of you might remember I'm currently applying to a university, I need to put that first. So I've not gotten around to finish all of the 7 games for the week. To put it short, if Silent Hill 1 is not up on Monday it's because I'm doing school stuff. Sorry about that. I will however give you some quick thoughts on Downpour and HD Collection.

Downpour: Buy it.

HD Collection: Buy it if you absolutely have no other way of playing SH2/3, if you have other ways, don't.

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