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Tobiichi avatar 1:36 AM on 06.07.2012  (server time)
E3 Podcast: "Robin Hood Expo 2013"

Today I was in extreme pain and on about 4-5 different meds to combat it, but I made it through another episode along with Gregory Edwards. We talk third-party videogames such as WatchDogs, Sonic AllStars Racing Transformed and The Act. We also discuss Square-Enix's supposed new next-generation engine and whether or not we trust Square about it being real.

Then we talk about Robin Hood... Why do we talk about Robin Hood? Well, wouldn't you want to know. We also update our Bingo Boards! It's another episode of the Daily E3 Podcast.

(Sorry about the lack of an intro, a mistake in editing occurred and my software wouldn't work properly.)

Episode 2 "Robin Hood Expo 2013"
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