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Tobiichi avatar 8:52 PM on 06.05.2012
E3 Podcast: "David Cage's Matilda" + "Wii Optical Dicks"

Here they are, the two long episode about the big three conferences at E3. We talk Microsoft's conferences where we bring up interesting parallels in development of Splinter Cell when compared to Metal Gear, how we're excited for Forza Horizon and how pretty much every other game shown looked okay or just terrible, such as Wreckateer... Oh wow, Wreckateer. I also do my final rant ever on the E3 podcast on Tomb Raider, sorry folks, this is the last time and I'll keep quiet about it for the rest of these days.

Then we talk about Sony for another hour where we discuss the irony of Big Daddy being a part of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and discuss whether or not The Last Of Us lived up to our moral expectations (oooh, deep.). We also talk about David Cage's gritty reboot of Roahl Dahl classic "Matilda" and JK Rowling's game for Sony's new Wonderbook... The Wonderbook is stupid. Then we top it all off by answering your questions about PSASBR and other fun stuff...

Enter Part 2. Enter Next Generation. Enter WiiU. Here we talk about Nintendo's Eight Gen console and the launch-window games. We express our personal feelings about ZombiU, talk about how Pikmin 3 looks very very Pikmin and I go off on a rant at gamers who I felt expected more than Nintendo could have ever delivered no matter if the conference was good or not. We also laugh at Reggie being funny, cringe and Nintendo doing some casual stuff that, while not bad, maybe could have been presented better.

We top off Part 2 with even more questions and comments and even pre-talks a bit about some third-party stuff because, why the hell not, it's our show. But please, don't forget (DON'T) to tell us about your thoughts on the third-party companies and their games and ask us your questions about them for tomorrows big third-party extravaganza of an episode of the Annual E3 Podcast - 2012.

Episode 1 - Part 1 "David Cage's Matilda"
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Episode 1 - Part 2 "Wii Optical Dicks"
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