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Sinnix's blog

8:15 AM on 11.19.2007

Okay, we made up

I just wanted to make a quick note that I've been talking with Steve Fawkner, CEO of Infinite Interactive, and he apologized for not crediting me in Puzzle Quest for XBLA. No harm, no foul. He also let me know that I'll also be credited in the PC version which will use the buttons if you plug in a 360 controller. Sweet!   read

7:50 AM on 10.11.2007

Puzzle Quest costs 1200 points and uses my free graphics

I love Puzzle Quest. I already owned it for my PSP and yesterday when it was released on XBLA temptation got the better of me and I purchased it almost immediately... even at the painful price of 1200 MS points (which, as ...   read

9:05 AM on 09.11.2007

Time to turn off the Internet

I know that there isnít a lot of love for Halo here on Destructoid but I have to admit that I am a fan. I was there at midnight, lined up in the cold darkness, for Halo 2 and Iíd be doing the same thing this year if I hadnít...   read

9:52 AM on 09.10.2007


Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm the artist for a comic called 360 Prophecy which is published on (the Canadian version of I don't actually work for Microsoft, I'm more like an independent gamer who, through a bizarre s...   read

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