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Sindicate avatar 7:10 PM on 11.26.2007  (server time)
Snow and Red Rings.


UPS tried to deliver my Xbox 360 to me on Wednesday, but I was working and they were closed Thursday through yesterday..and of course they tried to deliver it again when I wasn't home today again. Just as I'm about to leave to go pick it up from them, it starts like blizzarding. Fargo, North Dakota is not a fun place to be in the winter, I'll tell you that much. So now, I have to go brave the damned elements so I can play teh Haloz.

My parents bought an Xbox just a couple of weeks ago and my dad and little brother play xbox live now which I think is pretty awesome considering that I hardly ever get a chance to go home so it's nice in the fact that I can play with them on Xbox Live..its better than nothing. He was explaining to me that the last time he actually played games was when he had an Atari..and I think its awesome hes getting into it cause its a huge culture out there that hes been missing out on. The Xbox Live Marketplace just blew him away the first time he saw it.

In this month I haven't had an Xbox, theres been alot of games that have came out and the three I'm really stoked to play are Guitar Hero 3, Mass Effect, and Call of Duty 4. I loved KOTOR and I didn't get a chance to play too far into Jade Empire, but I still have faith that it'll be alright.

So what should I go for first, Dtoiders? Call of Duty 4 or Mass Effect? I'd love some opinions.

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