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10:31 PM on 03.04.2008

R.I.P. Wii week from Brawl.

So..I mailed in my Wii one time, no problem..right? I got it back in a little under a month. I can continue to stare at it for lack of games.

I turned it on here and there to make sure the little white box was still working..and it was.

or so I thought.

I went to play some Rogue Squadron, cause I recently found it, and/or SSBM for the simple fact I need to brush up before Tuesday hits when BAM!!!

"An Error has occured, we can't read any of your discs and you must once again mail in your stupidass wii to nintendo and wait another month for a broken wii"

I don't get it..I have NEVER had troubles with a nintendo product until now. maybe it doesn't work for the simple fact I never play it and some dust monster comes in and destroys the lens..I dunno. All whopping 3 games that were worth buying I've already beat..

I've been having pleasant dreams about brawl and now I can't even play the damn thing for a month unless I decide to either

a) rent a wii
b) steal my parents' wii and hope they don't notice.

in the meantime, Dtoiders..what do you suggest I do to preoccupy myself while I wait to play brawl for another month?

killing myself is not an option. shameless plug for myself.

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7:10 PM on 11.26.2007

Snow and Red Rings.


UPS tried to deliver my Xbox 360 to me on Wednesday, but I was working and they were closed Thursday through yesterday..and of course they tried to deliver it again when I wasn't home today again. Just as I'm about to leave to go pick it up from them, it starts like blizzarding. Fargo, North Dakota is not a fun place to be in the winter, I'll tell you that much. So now, I have to go brave the damned elements so I can play teh Haloz.

My parents bought an Xbox just a couple of weeks ago and my dad and little brother play xbox live now which I think is pretty awesome considering that I hardly ever get a chance to go home so it's nice in the fact that I can play with them on Xbox Live..its better than nothing. He was explaining to me that the last time he actually played games was when he had an Atari..and I think its awesome hes getting into it cause its a huge culture out there that hes been missing out on. The Xbox Live Marketplace just blew him away the first time he saw it.

In this month I haven't had an Xbox, theres been alot of games that have came out and the three I'm really stoked to play are Guitar Hero 3, Mass Effect, and Call of Duty 4. I loved KOTOR and I didn't get a chance to play too far into Jade Empire, but I still have faith that it'll be alright.

So what should I go for first, Dtoiders? Call of Duty 4 or Mass Effect? I'd love some opinions.   read

12:10 AM on 08.29.2007

Gamestop: How Love Turned To Daterape.


We all know how people love to bitch about Gamestop and their secksy phone lady telling me that my games are gonna be in in a few days.

In my past though, I have had a terrible experience with Gamestop involving my video gaming habit, money, and broken condoms.

It all started in High Junior year, I would like to say, 2004. In my town we only had a Software Etc. and they had just built a Gamestop right next to where I work, like right across the parking lot. I remember when it opened they had a guy in a Mario costume walk up and down one of the busiest streets here..but thats besides the point.

I had never really went to Software much considering it was in the mall and I didn't like going in there, and I still don't, because the people that work there are ignorant and 4 out of 5 times they have not the slightest clue what they are talking about. Well, when GS opened, I remember I had just gotten paid and I cashed my meager paycheck and spent it all like it was a hooker buffet.

Turns out, all of these used games I had just purchased weren't so great, and that is my fault for not doing the research before hand..and I didn't know what I wanted to do with them. This was when I found out that I could sell them back to slightly lower price, of course.

And so this is how my year long stint of buying games, beating them, then selling them back to buy new games began. Say I spent 50 bucks on a new game, and I sold it back no more than a week and a half later for 20 bucks..thats a 30 dollar game rental. I wish somebody would've slapped me and told me how f'ing dumb I was.

My friends don't let me live it down, and rightfully so, cause it was a horrible thing. Granted, I did play alotta decent games, but I paid out the ass for it all.

The only time I even go to Gamestop anymore is to reserve games and, the occasional 'I can't find this game anywhere else' thing.

And that is why when you work at McDonalds when your in High School, you don't play with knives, syringes, or Gamestops. It's bad for your health.

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