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Sindicate's blog

10:31 PM on 03.04.2008

R.I.P. Wii week from Brawl.

So..I mailed in my Wii one time, no problem..right? I got it back in a little under a month. I can continue to stare at it for lack of games. I turned it on here and there to make sure the little...   read

7:10 PM on 11.26.2007

Snow and Red Rings.

Fudge. UPS tried to deliver my Xbox 360 to me on Wednesday, but I was working and they were closed Thursday through yesterday..and of course they tried to deliver it again when I wasn't home today again. Just as I'm about t...   read

12:10 AM on 08.29.2007

Gamestop: How Love Turned To Daterape.

Okay. We all know how people love to bitch about Gamestop and their secksy phone lady telling me that my games are gonna be in in a few days. In my past though, I have had a terrible experience with Gamestop involving my ...   read

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