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Metal Slime

Okay, Dtoid, check this shit out. This here's a metal slime. First off, he was designed by Akira Toriyama, the guy who made Dragon Ball. Can you name the guy who designed Ekans? Did he create a wildly popular, meme-spou...


We are Inconspicuous_Organic

Or, Embracing the Metagame. It may shock you all to learn that I am as much of a traditional gamer as I am a video gamer. Actually, that was presumptuous. It would shock you, if anyone gave a crap about some schmuck on the...


The Hardcore Gamer's Sonnet

This was whipped up in about 30 minutes to for my Poetry professor. I figured people might enjoy it. It is an Italian-style Sonnet, for all the shit that entails. THE HARDCORE GAMER’S SONNET O’er hills of polygonal splen...


Dear Bioware:

Thank you for Mass Effect 2. Thank you for removing the Mako. Thank you for making more than 3 interiors. Thank you for vastly improving the gunplay. Thank you for cutting down on unnecessary RPG elements. Thank you for limit...


Here's Hoping for some Wacky Alien Sex

WARNING: THIS NOTE CONTAINS LOTS OF MASS EFFECT NERDINESS, SPOILERS, AND FANBOYISM. On the eve of Mass Effect 2, which I can decidedly say I am preordering, I've returned to Mass Effect 1, in one part to refresh myself on th...


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My name is Liam, and I love explosions, history, people getting punched in the face, gas masks, leather gloves, broadswords, nice hips and legs, the internet, dogs, and rugged stubble in no particular order.

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