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Simmy's blog

5:32 PM on 10.22.2008

PS3: Destructoid Edition

Since I keep dragging my PS3 into uni on a frequent basis, to make use of the HD screens and to obviously not work, the PS3 is getting a little scratched and battered. Now having had stickers on the PSP and various other co...   read

1:10 PM on 09.26.2008

Euro PS3 FNF: Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake Edition

AKA WipeoutHD Edition. Once again it's friday and it's time for more ass kickery of the epic variety. Since Mushman is seemingly away from the PS3 FNF, I thought I'd step in once more and be a host of a game of some de...   read

11:22 AM on 09.19.2008

Euro PS3 FNF: Burnout Bikes Edition

Since nobody seems to have mentioned Euro PS3 FNF, I thought I'd have a crack at sorting stuff out for once. Anyway, it's that time of week once again – FNF!. This week saw the release of the much anticipated 'Bikes' pa...   read

10:30 AM on 06.21.2008

Destructoid Invades The Download Festival!

Recently, BunnyRabbit2 and myself made a trip to the excellent Download Festival located at the spiritual home of rock music in England - Donington Park. Much fun was had, vast amounts of beers were consumed and of co...   read

12:22 PM on 03.22.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

It might be a little late buts it's taken till now to get hold of a working camera. Thats the main rig and next to it the sub-woofer for the surround sound. The spec for the system is as follows: AMD 64 4200+ X2 Asus A8N...   read

4:48 PM on 03.01.2008

Old Video Game Music

Music has always been a part of video games, and some of the older stuff is among the best. Recently I've been listening to some of the music so that I can figure out how to play the stuff on guitar. This presents a prob...   read

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