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Simmy avatar 6:24 PM on 03.11.2009  (server time)
UK NARP Reminder....Also, My Mom Is Awesome

It's probably a little too late to remind those of you that live in the UK, that this weekend, there's going to be a NARP over at BunnyRabbit2's place, in sunny Wolverhampton.
Those of you that can go should get hold of either me or BR2 at either L dot Simmy @ gmail dot com or bunnyrabbit22 at gmail dot com. Failing that we should be in teh IRC room most of the day.

On a different note, I'd like to mention how awesome my mom has been to me. I casually asked her "how much do flights cost to the US" - of course this meant I wanted to go to PAX - since I have major love for Destructoid and the fact Ihaven't had a holiday outside of the UK in nearly 11 YEARS!
Anyways, she agreed to pay for the flights but only if I got my dad to contribute as well.Then he refused to help, didn't even offer a penny!. This of course pissed my mom off as well as myself as it seriously hindered my chances of getting to PAX.
So to spite my dad (she hasn't admitted that, though I can tell that that is the case) , she's going to get her credit card re-instated and pay for the cost of both the flights to Seattle AND the cost of my passport. The total cost of this should come to around a cool £500 or $600. I might not ask for much from the family but I NEVER expected something like this.
Now I just have to pay for the hotel and the spending money which puts me in a much better situation financially.
I can't think of many other people that I know that have been so damn genrous towards me.but DAMN! this is great. It now gives me something to look forward to this year instead of the pitiful existence I'm currently leading at uni.
Below, I think we should share out tales of how we provided our funds for the incoming event even if they are less awesome than mine.

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