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Simmy avatar 7:59 AM on 03.04.2009  (server time)

So with the 3rd anniversary of our beloved Destructoid just around the corner, it's time for another NARP. Although there is an apparent reason for this social gathering this time around. Oh to hell with it, there will be a party, dammit!.

Note: Since BunnyRabbit2 has left the country / gone nuts / been arrested or exploded he's left it to me to sort out this post

Anyway, the festivities will once again be going down over at BunnyRabbit2's place in “sunny” Wolverhampton on the weekend of the 13th of this month and should last all weekend if people wish to stay and party with the likes me and everyone else then you can!

At the party there will be muchos drinking and the usual selection of fine video games to play on systems ranging from the Sega Mega Drive (that's MEGA DRIVE, not the Genesis!) right up to the modern stuff.
Also, we may eat at some place known only as Wetherspoons or get drunk at the rock pub of choice, The Giffard Arms


Since this is being held at BunnyRabbit2's place, you should probably speak to him at bunnyrabbit22 at gmail dot com. Failing that come into the IRC and at least one of us will be able to sort you out

Also, I don't fancy having to open the door at 3.30AM to the Environmental Protection Agency for making too much noise this time like at the HalloweeNARP

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