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Maybe ill go next-gen one day...the PS3 is looking pretty tempting. At the moment im content playing on my PC, DS & Gamecube.

Top 5 Games
Chaos (ZX Spectrum) - One of the earliest games I played, and I still enjoy it today.
Zelda: OoT (N64) - Cliche I know but this game made me open up my heart to consoles.
Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem (GC) - Only got a GC recently but I couldnt put this game down.
Dawn of War (PC) - Multiplayer RTS at its best, unlike 2 - Relic WTF?
Total Annihilation (PC) - The original rocked so hard, wasn't that impressed with the 'Spiritual Successor' Supreme Commander.

Favourite Series of Games
Dynasty Warriors - Square, Square, Square, Triangle.....Circle MUSSSOOOOUUUUUUUU!!
Age of Wonders - I have a strange love for these turn-based time consumers.
Battlefield - Ever since 1942, best multiplayer action Ive found.
Delta Force - The other FPS series I enjoyed, shame Joint Ops sucked
Eye of the Beholder - Old school RPG <3
Mechwarrior - Giant mechs blowing the crap out of each other? Whats not to love. I miss you FASA.
Elder Scrolls - Tasty RPG sannwiches

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Whilst reading Jims post earlier today I was struck by the ideas he portrayed in this piece, the integrity and brilliance of the piece. One question that I feel he didnt answer properly, or infact at all, was this:

What would Jim Sterling look like if he inhabited the world of Dynasty Warriors?

He didnt even attempt to answer this in his post, and so being the inquisitive sort I went seeking answers of my own. My first port of call was his myspace to see if any answers could be found. Alas, all I could find was a picture of him with a bearded gentlemen and, although humourous, didnt really help me with the answers I seeked.

Beards make everything fun

Distraught, but not on the verge of giving up I decided to try the characters of Dynasty Warriors themselves. So onto google I trekked, desperate for some form of closure to this most enigmatic of equations. Whilst there were a couple of the ancient chinese warlords who had the look or attitude found in Mr.Sterling, I found one character stood out among the others who captured the very intensity and soul of our dear writer.

Gender confusion makes everything fun

Alas...he looked nothing like the intrepid Sterling. What could I do to somehow find the answer I seeked whilst retaining that Sterlingness that was so Jim?Finally...after mere moments of pondering...I had it! It was so simple....staring me in the face like a deer who likes to cuddle after buggery. There was only one way that this question was ever going to have an answer.....


I hope Jim doesnt destroy me like Lu Bu for this

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