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SilverDragon1979 avatar 5:04 PM on 10.12.2008  (server time)
The Dragon's Den - My Gaming Setup

I realized this weekend that I have been a community member on Dtoid for over 5 months now and I still haven't posted any real pictures of my gaming setup/bachelor pad. Well I just asked my girlfriend to move in with me, so on November 1st my house will no longer be a "bachelor pad". I thought I better get around to posting these pictures before my girlfriend startes "making changes" if you know what I mean. ;-)

Well as you can see I have quite the nice setup which includes a ...

1) 50" Panasonic Plasma TV
2) 750 Watt Yamaha Amplifier with 9.1 surround sound and Polk Audio speakers
3) 150W Polk Audio Subwoofer
3) 60Gb Playstation 3 (with full PS2 backwards compatability)
4) 20Gb XBOX360
5) Nintendo Wii
6) Harmon Kardon DVD Player
7) Panasonic 5-disc CD changer
8) DVR
9) DVD Cabinet with 400+ DVDs and Blu-rays

You can check out all the pictures below. I hope you enjoy.

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