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SilverDragon1979 avatar 12:38 PM on 12.30.2008  (server time)
The Dragon's Lair - My New Office

For those of you who donít know, Iím an electrical engineer. To be more specific Iím a power semiconductor integrated circuit designer. Yeah, thatís just a bunch of big fancy words I know, but what it means is that I design microchips that regulate computer power systems. As you might expect, a job like this has its perks, and one of them is that I get my own private office. Well after working at my company for 6 years, I have finally moved up into a nice big office. Some of you, who read my blog, might remember that I posted pictures of my old office a couple months ago. Well my new office is 10x more bad ass then my old office.

The first thing thatís awesome about my new office is my new office furniture. My desk is freaking HUGE! I actually have room to put 2 computers, three 20Ē monitors, 2 keyboards, and 2 mice all on my desk at the same time, along with all my other notebooks and papers I need in order to do my job. I also have room for a small 2 seater couch, and beside the couch is a mini fridge where I keep all alcohol that allows me to make it though the day at work. Ok I donít really have alcohol in there, but I wish I did.

The thing I like most about my office though is that there is lots of room on the walls to put up stuff like pictures and posters. As you can see I have LOTS of stuff on my walls. The coolest is a Japanese Final Fantasy IX poster I got framed. I also have one of the original Star Wars theatrical posters framed, from before they called it ďA New HopeĒ. Besides these posters, I have plenty of room to put up stuff to represent my college, North Carolina State University. I have a huge flag, a pennant, and the 2008-09 basketball team poster. Yes I love my school! GO WOLFPACK!

You can also see that while I might be an adult I am still just a big kid. I have an entire cabinet topped with LEGOs, an RC car, and other toys. I also have an entire cubby full of dragon statues. I mean come on, if you know me at all you shouldnít be surprised that I have lots of dragon stuff in my office. I love dragons. Oh and lets not forget the NERF assault rifle, with a laser scope and pull out clip. Yes I am prepared to take on my coworkers in case a NERF battle breaks out.

So I have posted lots of pictures of my office below. Feel free to check them out.

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