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SilverDragon1979 avatar 7:54 AM on 03.17.2011  (server time)
Last chance to enter the Destructoid March Madness Bracket Contest

***The contest signups close today at 12pm EST***

This year Iíve decided to resurrect the Unofficial Destructoid March Madness Tournament Bracket Competition that I originally started two years ago. Last time I threw this together at the last moment, and it didnít go as smoothly as I would have liked. Well this year Iíve taken some additional time to plan the competition, and it should run a lot better. Also, I do have an official prize this year for the lucky person who wins.

Now some of you might be asking while Iím throwing a basketball contest on a video game website. While I know we all love video games, this is an opportunity for those of us who love college basketball to share another passion with members of this great community. Itís also an opportunity for people who arenít big basketball or sports fans, to maybe become fans.

How do you Sign Up?
I have set up a Dtoid group on the Yahoo Sports tournament bracket site. Click this link to sign up for the tournament and create and submit your own personal bracket. Youíll need to sign up for a Yahoo account if you donít already have one, so make sure you do that first. I donít think it should ask you for a password to enter the Destructoid group, but if it does, the password is dtoid. Please note that the last time to sign up will be 12pm EST on Thursday.

Everyone is welcome to enter. Only 1 will win.

Scoring System
You earn points by picking the winners of each matchup. The farther into the tournament you get, the more points you get. You also get bonus points for picking lower-seeded teams correctly. If you correctly choose a lower-seeded team, you will earn a bonus of the difference between the seeds. For example, if you choose a 10th seeded team over a 6th seeded team, youíll earn 4 bonus points. See the chart below for the regular number of points you get for picking the correct team.

Round 1 - 4 point for a correct pick
Round 2 - 4 point for a correct pick
Round 3 - 8 points for a correct pick
Round 4 - 8 points for a correct pick
Round 5 - 8 points for a correct pick
Round 6 - 16 points for a correct pick

Bonus Points - Correctly choosing lower-seeded teams will earn you bonus points equal to the difference between the seeds.

The person who has the most points in the end wins

What do you win?
This year the winnerís prize will be a blu-ray copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Please note that I can only ship to people in the continental United States, so please do not enter the competition if you live out of the country.

So please feel free to join and compete. Everyone is welcome. If anyone has any problems signing up, or any questions let me know. Please note that the last time you can sign up is 12pm EST on Thursday (that's TODAY!!!)

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