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SilverDragon1979 avatar 4:11 PM on 11.18.2009  (server time)
I celebrated my 30th birthday with beer, DJ Hero, and 600 balloons

So about a week and a half ago, I turned the ripe old age of 30 years old. While I was dreading reaching this ďover the topĒ age, I have to admit that it ended up being one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I have been meaning to share stories and post some pictures from the celebrations, but things have been crazy busy since then and I just havenít found the time. Well my life has finally slowed down just enough for me to right this blog, so sit back and enjoy as I tell you about what itís like getting old.

So for my birthday, my girlfriend Nicki and I decided to throw a huge party. Now when I say huge, Iím talking like 45 people, which for us is probably the largest party weíve ever thrown since we graduated college. Just for the record, the actual biggest party I ever threw was around 300 people back during my senior year of college. Now that was an epic party, but you know, it still wasnít as good as my 30th birthday party.

So what mainly made my party so great was that almost all my closest friends came, including my parents and my girlfriendís parents. That was actually the first time our parents ever met, and from what I can gather, it went well between them (fingers crossed!). Besides all the people, there was a TON of incredible food, which Nicki, our friend Mel, and I spent all day cooking. There were also a million desserts to choose from, including a pot of dark chocolate fondue we made.

Did I mention the beer, because there was a ton of beer. Besides a homebrewed keg of Belgian wheat beer my buddy Rhys made, we also had about 240 bottles of around 40 different types of beer. We also popped open a couple of bottles of wine and Champaign, but that was later in the night during a period I donít remember very well.

So gaming wise, for my birthday I got the Renegade Version of DJ Hero and Ghostbusters for the Xbox360. I also got a bunch of Best Buy and Target gift cards, which I plan to use to buy a bunch more games, like Assassinís Creed 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Hopefully at some point soon Iíll actually find the time to play these games, but recently my life has been consumed by the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Iím just so good at killing fools that I canít seem to stop playing. :-P

Ok, so the final thing I want to tell you all about is the office prank my coworkers played on me for my 30th birthday. You may, or may not, remember this, but last year I completely tin foiled another of my coworkerís offices for his 40th birthday. Since then he has vowed to get me back. Well over the weekend he and a bunch of other people came in and blew up 600 individual balloons, which they piled into my office. They also threw confetti and glitter everywhere. When I got to work on Monday morning I was pretty dumbfounded.

Suffice to say, it took me all freaking day to clean up my office. What made it worse was that they put glitter and confetti in the balloons, so when I went to pop them, the shit went everywhere. The guys were at least nice enough to come in and vacuum it all off the floor.

The only thing that sucked about my 30th birthday was the hangover, and the fact I didnít get to meet Yojimbo. He was supposed to make it to my party so we could finally meet, but unfortunately family issues caused him to not be able to make it. Thatís totally cool, and I completely understand, but it would have been great to meet the guy and hang out. There are a ton of you out there who I would like to meet as well, but thatís just gonna have to wait until I can make it to PAX!

So to recap, turning 30 wasnít really bad at all. I expected it to be horrible, and instead it was one of the best birthdayís I ever had. Iím really an extremely lucky guy. I have an incredible girlfriend who loves me, a large group of friends who I really care about, and a great family who live right down the street.

Ok this turned out being much longer than I thought. If you actually read it all, more power to ya. For those of you who donít like to read, here are a bunch of pictures to look at.

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