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SilverDragon1979 avatar 1:59 PM on 06.01.2010  (server time)
A Lifelong Dream Realized: Iím going to E3

So maybe going to E3 isnít a ďlifelongĒ dream for me, since E3 has only been around for 15 years and Iím 30 years old, but itís damn close enough. You need to understand that as far back as I can remember, Iíve always wanted to go to E3 and be one of the first people to play the tons of games that are revealed there. Iíve always yearned to sit in the actual Nintendo press conference as Miyamoto announces a new Zelda or Mario game; to cheer and scream with the rest of the crowd as if our wildest dreams had just come true.

Ok, maybe Iíve gotten off to a quick start here. Have I mentioned Iím going to E3 in two weeks? Maybe I didnít, but the title of my blog kind of says it all donít you think. Yes, after 2 long years of blogging on the Dtoid community Cblogs, and a full year of being a staff writer at Gamer Limit, Iíve finally been given the opportunity to go to E3 as a member of the video game press. To say Iím excited is an understatement. I mean essentially my two favorite weeks of the entire year are the week of E3 and the first week of the NCAA Menís Basketball Tournament.

For 15 years Iíve sat hunched over my computer for the entire week of E3, absorbing every piece of video game knowledge coming out of the show that I can. Iíve gawked at all the incredible videos, giggled at the awesome developer interviews, and practically leaped out of my seat every time a new game was announced. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to go, especially when they decided in 2006 to downsize the convention. For a long time after that, people thought the show was doomed to become a ghost town, causing my hopes of ever going to be dashed forever.

Luckily, the ESA saw the error of their ways, and E3 has begun to return to its former glory. Luckily for me, this has happened right around the time I got hired on at Gamer Limit to be a staff writer. I always thought it would be incredible to write for a game website, but I never thought it would happen. I even came to Destructoid and started writing Cblogs just so someone might notice me and want to hire me, but it never happened. I eventually gave up and lost hope that it would ever happen, until one day I was approached by a fellow Dtoid community member who offered me the job at Gamer Limit. Now, because of Dtoid, and because of Gamer Limit, Iím finally getting the chance to go to E3 to fulfill this lifelong dream of mine.

So far it appears that Iíll definitely be going to the Nintendo Press Conference, and maybe the Sony Press Conference as well. Unfortunately though, I still donít know if Iíll be able to attend the Microsoft one. Iíve also been invited to see a couple exclusive game reveals, many of which I canít talk about now. Besides that, Iíll be in charge of playing and previewing the following list of games, which includes:

Force Unleashed 2
Gears of War 3
Dead Space 2
Rock Band 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic
God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Iíll of course try and play as many games as possible, but I really donít have a clue how many Iíll actually be able to play.

While Iím there I also hope to hit up a couple parties, the most important one being the Destructoid Party. This will be my first chance to finally meet the Dtoid staff, and hopefully many of the community members here who Iíve always wanted to meet. I donít know when it is, or if itís really happening for that matter, but it better be. Maybe Iíll finally get to meet Chad and give him a hug.

So yeah, can you guys tell Iím excited? Iíve been telling all my friends that Iím going, but none of them play games and they all think Iím a major dork for going to a video game convention. They simply donít understand, which sucks. I was hoping that by telling you guys at least I would be telling people who understand why Iím excited.

So anyways, if anyone cares, Iíll be posting lots of stuff on Gamer Limit during E3, and my twitter feed will be going crazy with show updates. If youíre interested, check it out. If anyone has any special requests for things I should do, games I should play, or people I should talk to, let me know.

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