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SilverDragon1979 avatar 3:52 PM on 01.29.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Donít Know About Dragons

Iíve been at Destructoid for almost a year now, and lately Iíve started to realize that while Iíve met a bunch of awesome people on the site, I donít really know much about you all. Then it occurred to me that you all probably donít know much about me as well. To try and eliminate this problem Iíve decided to write a series of posts that I hope will allow you to get to know me better. Sometimes Iíll talk just about video game related things, and sometimes Iíll get more personal, because while this is a video game site, there is more to all of us then the video games we play. My hope is that maybe this idea will inspire some of you to do the same. I would love to see some of you, like Yojimbo, Takeshi, Mikey, and thefil just to name a few, do the same and write a similar type of blog.

Well letís get on with it shall we. Here are 10 video game related things you probably donít know about me Ö

1) I camped out 18 hours in below freezing temperatures outside of Target to be the 4th person in line to buy the Wii the night it came out.

Little did I know it would become the least played console that I own.

2) I stoped playing Halo 3 multiplayer the day I got so mad that I threw my XBOX 360 controller across the room and broke a piece of furniture.

My girlfriend sat down with me afterwards and we decided it was best if I never played the game again.

3) The very first video game system I ever owned was the Atari 7800.

The thing was, my parents bought me this system when all of my other friends were all getting an NES. Everyone made fun of me, and it sucked.

4) I bought the Sega CD the day it came out, and for the first year I thought it was the coolest video system of all time.

Three years later I traded it and my Sega Genesis in for a Playstation.

5) I bought the original playstation the day it came out on September 9th, 1995, but I wasnít planning on it.

I was actually going to buy a Sega Saturn, but the sales guy at Babbageís convinced my mom that the Playstation was going to be better then the Saturn. Everything else is history.

6) The best game ever made in my opinion is World of Warcraft.

The only reason I say that is because I have put more hours of my life into that game then any other game ever made. Any game that keeps me so interested that I play it for thousands upon thousands of hours, has to get my nod for best game of all time.

7) I suck at the Madden series of football games.

I donít mean I kind of suck, I mean I really suck. It doesnít matter which year it is, I suck at them all. I watch NFL football every single Sunday, and know a lot about football, but I suck at those damn games!

8) I worked at Electronics Boutique for 4 years between 1998 and 2002, and during those 4 years I worked the entire day the days that the Sega Dreamcast, the PS2, and the XBOX were released.

Electronics Boutique was a completely different company back then. Sometimes I wish I could go back and relive those days.

9) There are only 2 games I regret never playing, and they are Beyond Good and Evil and Shadow of the Colossus.

One of these days I will play them, I swear it!

10) I leveled all my characters in Final Fantasy 7 to level 99, and got to the final boss, but never bothered beating the game.

By that point I was so burned out I didnít care. I saw my friend beat it though, and that was honestly enough for me.

There you go. Now you know a little bit more about me. :-)

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