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My name is Aaron. I write various blogs covering my thoughts on gaming, movies, comics, and Robert Downey Jr on a semi-regular basis when school doesn't keep me too busy.

I also make Let's Plays, video podcasts, and several other film projects for one of my youtube channels, E-Vac Station. ( You should check them out when you get a chance. We haven't done anything in the past month (roughly) but that's due to a lot of personal stuff coming up for me (the only one willing to edit anything in the first place) as well as just lots of school stuff happening recently.

If anyone is ever up for a game session, I play PC games, PS3 games, and Wii/WiiU games. I have a few games on the DS, but the only ones for online would be Pokemon. If anyone is up for chatting, I do have AIM but I'm up for talking just about anywhere, really.

Silver Waseskuk
7:59 PM on 06.15.2013
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