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2:12 AM on 11.25.2012

Now I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but I was convinced the game would be similar to the playstation edition. Just adding new transportation and Marie (new assistant in the velvet room). You can only imagine my surprise when it was even BETTER then the original! I mean just wow! The graphics were completely remodeled and the colors are so pleasant! The smooth movement in the dungeons. I can go on and on, but one last thing, skipping scenes-- like a vhs tape-- made me die laughing the first time. It's a great game. Helping others online by sending out rescue requests is amazing too. I just really love it! Thank you Atlus for a great game!
How is everyone else liking it? Anything that isn't so great about the game? Because honestly, I haven't found any flaws yet, but I'm curious to see other opinions. :)
Oh and sorry to those who I haven't added yet! Dx My internet is being extremely wacky!
psn: xDrPsychedelicx

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