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5:38 PM on 11.16.2012

I don't know if I should put this in paragraph form or not but I'll make a list and further explain? :)
Full name: Cendy Kimberly Cruz! My brother gave me my middle name after the pink power ranger in mighty morphin power rangers, Kimberly! She had a brother Tony, and my bro was into that show, so he helped me get into that power rangers love. I only liked the first two seasons though!
console: I own a playstation3, and it's not because I hate Xbox either! I just got a ps3 on christmas, so I just went with it. My older brother is like a total sony butt monkey, so there's that. my psn is xDrPsychedelicx I like the word Psychedelic and adding doctor to the front was just cool at the time.
favorite games: When I was a kid I grew up with gameboys, super nitendos, and just about everything else that follows. I never really enjoyed games like harvest moon or animal crossing, but I got into ratchet and clank, Jak, and I loved Pokémon yellow. It had pikachu dude. That's godly. I finally got my own playstation2 the summer of 6th grade and the game I first played was ffX. I loved that /game/. It hurt to DIE six MILLION TIMES. But Tidus was way to hot to pass up. After I finished that game, my brother borrowed his friend's copy of Devil May Cry 3. You can only imagine how huge of a crush I developed on Dante. That game was not what I expected but it was way more than I could have ever wished for! After that, I recieved the other games as presents. I loved dmc 4, and I know a lot of people hate Nero, but I enjoyed the plot. The next series I loved was Assassin's Creed. I LOVE AC LIKE THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. I love it. So. Much. I bought the collector's edition of AC3.
Games Played:
-Resident Evil
-Final fantasy series
-persona. Which I love so much. Enough said.
-A few more geez lol

Gosh what else should I tell you guys?
Games I hate/dislike:
-skyrim, sorry. I just don't like it.
-call of duty. Same game. I only enjoyed Zombies.

I love cosplaying! I've cosplayed:
-Yu Kanda (dgrayman)
-Sebastian Michalis (Kuroshitsuji)
-Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist)
-Sora from Kingdom Hearts
-I'm working on Ezio Auditore (female version).
I have attended Sacanime in Sacramento, CA twice. And I have attended Fanime 3 years in a row, I'll be attending it again in May next year.

I also draw. Which I really love doing. Most/some of my art is on my tumblr (tinydaisyx.tumblr.com), or my deviantart (CautionCancer).
I think that's it. OTL if you want more, I can just always add more blog entries about further gaming stuff for you nosy people out there! ;)

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