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2:12 AM on 11.25.2012

Persona 4 The Golden!

Now I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but I was convinced the game would be similar to the playstation edition. Just adding new transportation and Marie (new assistant in the velvet room). You can only imagine my surprise when it was even BETTER then the original! I mean just wow! The graphics were completely remodeled and the colors are so pleasant! The smooth movement in the dungeons. I can go on and on, but one last thing, skipping scenes-- like a vhs tape-- made me die laughing the first time. It's a great game. Helping others online by sending out rescue requests is amazing too. I just really love it! Thank you Atlus for a great game!
How is everyone else liking it? Anything that isn't so great about the game? Because honestly, I haven't found any flaws yet, but I'm curious to see other opinions. :)
Oh and sorry to those who I haven't added yet! Dx My internet is being extremely wacky!
psn: xDrPsychedelicx   read

5:38 PM on 11.16.2012

About Me

I don't know if I should put this in paragraph form or not but I'll make a list and further explain? :)
Full name: Cendy Kimberly Cruz! My brother gave me my middle name after the pink power ranger in mighty morphin power rangers, Kimberly! She had a brother Tony, and my bro was into that show, so he helped me get into that power rangers love. I only liked the first two seasons though!
console: I own a playstation3, and it's not because I hate Xbox either! I just got a ps3 on christmas, so I just went with it. My older brother is like a total sony butt monkey, so there's that. my psn is xDrPsychedelicx I like the word Psychedelic and adding doctor to the front was just cool at the time.
favorite games: When I was a kid I grew up with gameboys, super nitendos, and just about everything else that follows. I never really enjoyed games like harvest moon or animal crossing, but I got into ratchet and clank, Jak, and I loved Pokémon yellow. It had pikachu dude. That's godly. I finally got my own playstation2 the summer of 6th grade and the game I first played was ffX. I loved that /game/. It hurt to DIE six MILLION TIMES. But Tidus was way to hot to pass up. After I finished that game, my brother borrowed his friend's copy of Devil May Cry 3. You can only imagine how huge of a crush I developed on Dante. That game was not what I expected but it was way more than I could have ever wished for! After that, I recieved the other games as presents. I loved dmc 4, and I know a lot of people hate Nero, but I enjoyed the plot. The next series I loved was Assassin's Creed. I LOVE AC LIKE THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. I love it. So. Much. I bought the collector's edition of AC3.
Games Played:
-Resident Evil
-Final fantasy series
-persona. Which I love so much. Enough said.
-A few more geez lol

Gosh what else should I tell you guys?
Games I hate/dislike:
-skyrim, sorry. I just don't like it.
-call of duty. Same game. I only enjoyed Zombies.

I love cosplaying! I've cosplayed:
-Yu Kanda (dgrayman)
-Sebastian Michalis (Kuroshitsuji)
-Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist)
-Sora from Kingdom Hearts
-I'm working on Ezio Auditore (female version).
I have attended Sacanime in Sacramento, CA twice. And I have attended Fanime 3 years in a row, I'll be attending it again in May next year.

I also draw. Which I really love doing. Most/some of my art is on my tumblr (, or my deviantart (CautionCancer).
I think that's it. OTL if you want more, I can just always add more blog entries about further gaming stuff for you nosy people out there! ;)   read

11:07 PM on 11.15.2012

What dancing can do...

I honestly don't want to impose on other bloggers with my blog, which was only really made to enter a contest, but I hope I'm not disturbing others by my lame ass excuse for an account. I never really had a need to make an account, because my older sibling always allowed me to read off his account, or just shared information whenever need be. I now realized that this site is beyond entertaining and I hope to stay a little while longer. C:


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