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I'm just somebody who likes most forms of art, trying new things, learning about the world... and of course, playing videogames. Gaming since 1991, always chasing for games that try something new, have good stories or are just fun. Not really into online gaming, but always ready for some split-screen coop or competitive session.
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Around 1995, our only computer at home was an old black and white monitor DOS running machine (don't know the specs, but it was kinda old for the time), which I used to fool around with on Banner Maker and Dangerous Dave... until during a trip to the mall, where they sold this demo floppies with four shareware games on each of them for around 3 dollars. One had an awesome cover that immediately gripped my attention: a green soldier, fighting against demons on a red skied battlefield (along with Duke Nukem -the side scrolling one- and... Commander Keen I think?) which promptly ended in my hands, being fiddled with on the road home.

This one. I'm not sure a better video game cover exists to this day.

After asking my dad to install it, the command C://Run/Doom/Doom.exe was typed... and I wasn't ready for what came afterward. After two years of playing only Super Mario World and Bart's Nightmare, there was this "full" 3D game with the coolest soundtrack ever... scaring me to hell. I was around 8 years old at the time, so the first Imp up on the alcove of E1M1 appeared that same day again on my nightmares, not to say the sudden Pinky Demon on E1M3. However, I was hooked. After struggling for a couple days, the shareware demo was over -on "I'm Too Young To Die", as the other skill levels where too much for me- and a screen showing the rest of the locked game, asking for payment. Unable to convince my parents to buy it for me, as we had no Internet and asking for the full game on floppies was beyond expensive at the time, my Doom adventures ended for a time. That is, until one day, browsing through Blockbuster, there was this red colored SNES cartridge with a very familiar cover! I rented it weekly until finishing both The Shores of Hell and Inferno (checking it now, the port was a disaster, but damn I played the hack of it when younger).

Also, it stealthily put me on the way to becoming a metalhead

Anyway, time continued its flown and during junior high school, a relative got me a DVD -or was it a CD?- chock full of emulators and games, including... Doom 2! Heretic! Duke Nukem 3D! Quake!. Such a happy summer that one was, switching from classic FPS -or Doom clones as they were called at the time- to 2D games from consoles unknown to me (Contra: Hard Corps, Shining Force, Rondo of Blood). But the best was a big revelation that arrived while searching the files: people were making their own levels for Doom!? Was that even possible?. Thankfully, this same relative had bough a sweet "Windows XP capable" (so naive and tech impaired we were at that time...) with 56K Internet access, that promptly ended being used to surf Doomworld (a now defunct Spanish Doom related portal) and its community, downloading the Master Levels and reading tutorials on how to create my own maps. My first attempt was a "mod" consisting of sprites and sounds ripped from other works, and a rough Grenade Launcher modification for the Plasma Gun that took a lot of time to get right, along with around five terrible levels and an attempt at a "story" modification of the files, which sadly has been lost tom time -Hell Spawn was it called, if my memory serves me right. I even had the gall to send my second work to a map making contest! It wasn't that bad this time, but not really up to competition level (for those curious enough, here's a link-be warned, it's a truly n0obish creation-).

Told you it wasn't pretty. Though it is kinda fun if not taken to seriously

Along this time, because I only had access to the computer on Saturdays when we visited my grandmother, surprising news found me while browsing a magazine shelf: Doom 3 was in the works, and the screenshots were mind blowing! It was like watching a movie, way ahead of anything else at the time. I collected every related info about it, and was eager to get my hands on it... until the sad truth that I needed to update my machine in order to play it. A LOT. Again, unable to convince my family to get money for it, and no YouTube to watch it at the time, I ended up forgetting about about it -or really, putting it on the back burner waiting for the fist chance to experience it-. That time came a few years later, after getting a new computer as an eighteenth birthday present. I loved it. Not more that the original, but enough to fulfill my expectations. Ran through it on every skill level, and it's expansion. Got on arguments with my friends about why it was way better than Half Life 2 -IT IS. Seriously, what do you prefer: smashing crates with a crownbar and picking up debris like a construction worker, or fighting hordes of demons on the surface of Hell itself with a double barreled shotgun? Discussion ended.

Though it did get a Gravity Gun on the expansion... not that it was of much help against a HellKnight

A lot has happened since then. Doom is not as popular as it once was: few maps are made, megawads are things of the past, source ports are slowly stopping to get upgrades, Skulltag serves are down... but, almost fifteen years after it all began, here I'm holding the BFG Edition on my hands, an HD TV plugged in and a good pair of headphones around my head, getting ready to go back in time once again to the surface of Phobos and beyond Hell. And I couldn't be happier about it.

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