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I'm just somebody who likes most forms of art, trying new things, learning about the world... and of course, playing videogames. Gaming since 1991, always chasing for games that try something new, have good stories or are just fun. Not really into online gaming, but always ready for some split-screen coop or competitive session.
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Have you guys/girls ever played Pump It Up? Its’ a Korean clone of Dance Dance Revolution that’s way more popular here in Mexico than the former, among some of the reasons is the use of five steps instead of four, and a more diverse song collection –ranging from K-pop to Techno, passing through classical music remixes and heavy metal, along with ska, salsa and much more-.

That's a fairly old machine, the Nx -circa 2009-

Well, I began to play around eight years ago during my first year in high school, during a trip to the mall with my friends, in which some of then decided to enter and see Revenge Of The Sith -or something like that-, which me and a friend (I’ll call him Neo) had already seen before.

Not wanting to spend money again on it, we decided to goof around the arcade while the rest of the group entered the cinema, and went almost directly to the House Of The Dead 2 cabinet, giving a passing glance to “one of those new dancing machines” that were starting to pop-up everywhere.

After some coins (we got to Magician on a credit I think), the taunt surged: “Why don’t you try the dancing one?” to which I answered “I’ll go if you also get on it... if people are going to laugh at least let’s give them double the show” or something like that.

So, we got up and fumbled around the steps –total failure, of course- and left it after losing on the third song. Thinking “Alright, that was ok… never doing that again, of course” we left… to return with a bunch of more coins ready to try until passing at least one credit without the machine sending us to Game Over.

Imagine this, but with nothing being hit and a cacophony of hard-steps

And so it began our long adventure into Pump It Up: after leaving school, we would go to a mall close to the school which had a semi-hidden machine in which to practice without being snarked by the Pro community that played on more well-known arcades.

Coins went and, after a few months, we were getting enough confidence to play with a crowd, scaling from Hard to Crazy, and then to Doubles and Nightmare…

One of my favorite memories is when suddenly the rest of the class found I played by accident, and cheered on me like I was some kind of Pro or something, after which immediately the class clown proceeded to ridicule jumping and fumbling on the steps (I’m around 80 kilograms, so not exactly a graceful sight to behold sweating like a pig while trying to step on fast notes like they were cockroaches, ha-ha), only to be given the cold shoulder by them –infantile I know, but damn it felt good to my teen self-.

Man, do I like "Love is a Danger Zone 2", even if I can pass it on hard at most

Link for those curious enough!

Anyway, time passed and Neo moved out of the city, so I ended up without a partner with whom to practice, and ended up quitting for a good chunk of time, until recently due to deciding to get rid of some weight and get a healthier life-style in general, going back to that old arcade –still working due to being in front of the biggest high school of the city- where the machine still stand, mostly forgotten but still well maintained by the owners… so now, I’m the “grandpa” that goes to play every now and then -24 years now, against 16 years olds… I feel weird, ha-ha, but don’t dig Gyms due to the absolutely awful music played in all I’ve gone to-.

Anyway, it felt good going back to that time, even if my level dropped from playing Lv. 18 songs one after another to Lv.13’s with breaks between… and just wanted to share the nostalgia for some reason XD Thanks for reading!

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