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I'm just somebody who likes most forms of art, trying new things, learning about the world... and of course, playing videogames. Gaming since 1991, always chasing for games that try something new, have good stories or are just fun. Not really into online gaming, but always ready for some split-screen coop or competitive session.
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At 50 hours logged in, I think it is finally time to let Dragonís Dogma to rest for a while. Iím currently standing in front of Black Bitter Sanctum, prepared to challenge Daimonís second form and put an end to the series of grueling challenges dispensed by the expansionís new area.

It seems like a long time ago that Grigori fell to the Arisenís blade, and even less that the Seneschal offered him control over creation, only to find himself repeating the endless chain of death and rebirth that looms over Gransys. †

He has traveled far and wide, from the haunted forest of the Witchwood to the eerie depths of the Catacombs, the dizzying heights of the Soulflayer Canyon, and the forsaken secrets of the Watergodís Altar.

From humble beginnings routing Goblin camps and Harpies nests, heís grown strong enough to do grueling battle with Griffons and Dragonís at the top of skyward fortresses, all by the side of his trusted companions, shaping them onto great warriors and sorcerers of their own right.

Heís met a long list of people: some cheery, others gloom, a few naive and many more conniving, but all of them an important part of his travels through the land of Gransys.†

Once a crude warrior, shield in hand and sword on the other, heís dabbled on the path of the Berserk, slicing foes through means of †heavy two handed swords, finally settling himself along the path of the Mystic Knight, managing both Light and Shadow as tools for dealing justice among the wicked.

Of course, not everything is battle in the life of man: heís romanced a Captain from a foreign land, a deeply caring childhood friend and a witty traveling merchant, spent a one night stand with the young but liberal Duchess of the land, and even adopted a lonely apprentice witch into his care.

But, alas, every story has an end, even one thatís bound to repeat itself endlessly, and today marks the final step on the Arisenís journey: decked in mismatched armor, scavenged and purified from the corruption of the macabre Bitter Black Isle, Dragonforged Shield and Mace in hand; beaten, broken and scarred from the trials before, low on supplies but with a strong heart and even more powerful will, he steps before his greatest challenge.

The clash of steel resonates trough the Rift, in symphony with that of many other Arisenís, each on its own dimension, with a tale of his or her own to tell.

Hopefully, in time, a new Arisen will be compelled to face his destiny, ready to inspire a new tale to weave onto the Dragonís Dogma, but for now, this one has earned his very well deserved rest. Thanks for Reading!

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