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Siete KeKe avatar 11:21 AM on 05.26.2012  (server time)
True Nature: [Samus' identity]

I'm currently playing Dead Space 2 and I just can't stop relating this game to the Metroid series bacause they're pretty similar in many aspects: in both you're all alone in the middle of space, sorrounded by bizarre creatures that are trying to kill you and you need to find a way to escape.

And then I remember Other M and how they screwed up Samus' story giving her a weak personality and a sassy background story and well, to me this game was a huge dissapointment in both story and gameplay.

I mean, Samus is a fucking strong woman, she kicks ass all by herself in a distant planet, space colony or whatever, she doesn't need anybody! But confronting the space pirates, native creatures and other enemies while being always alone must not be an easy task and that makes me think that Samus must be struggling to not go fucking nuts.

She's gotta have issues! I imagine she's disturbed and have some creepy dark side we still haven't met. I really liked when we first saw Samus' eyes in the reflection of her helmet in Metroid Prime, that was fucking awesome but I don't really think she would have such a relaxed pretty look after all she's been.

And that's what I tried to represent here though I wasn't very happy with the final result but I'm too lazy to keep working on it, anyways I hope some of you like it!

-Siete KeKe

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