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Sicknsore's blog

2:29 AM on 12.06.2007

DualShock 3 mini review

Rumble is back in the form of DualShock 3, which i finally get my hands on. The controller available in two colors, black and ceramic white, as Sony launched a ceramic white PS3 in Japan last month. I had a hard time deciding which color to get as my 60gb PS3 is black, but i finally decided to go with the ceramic white this time. And boy, i'm loving it, although black is cool, the matte white color is a lot cooler.

On a first sight, DualShock 3 is slight heavier and using better material than the Sixaxis. No more transparent looking and creaking noise. The most important is now you can play games without worrying to destroy your controller plus rumbles to add the gaming experience. The only downside of the ceramic white is it gets dirty easily and you have to clean it constantly if you're a clean freak.

Setting it up to PS3 is as simple as connecting Sixaxis to the system through a usb cable. There's an option to turn on/off the rumble feature on the PS3 since 2.00 firmware update (if i'm not mistaken). After charging it for around an hour I gave it a try on Uncharted Drake's Fortune demo, the rumble feels great as it emulating Nathan Drake's guns recoil and grenade explosion. Went on to Assassin's Creed, the game has less rumble features than Uncharted but it still rumbles on certain moments, when you blocking enemies attacks and falling from high ground. Too bad Call of Duty 4 doesn't support rumble at the moment but Infinity Ward seems working on a patch as lots of people asking rumble support for the game, keep your fingers crossed.

Conclusion :
Dualshock 3 is definitely a must have for all PS3 owners and Sony should've known this better before removing the feature from Sixaxis.

Rumble is definitely not last gen.   read

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