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ShuperShawn's blog

10:04 PM on 03.04.2010

Aaron Linde's secret life!

Aaron Linde has been fooling many of us for years now, making up stories like he hates Ocarina of Time and that he made Boner Quest. There all lies to cover up his true secret, He's been leading a secret life for a while now and I have been following him and have now obtained PROOF of his big secret. That secret is that...

Aaron Linde is gay with a fat bald guy!

Just like that hamster there, many of you must have had the same reaction. I know many of you are proably all like "This guy is a LIAR!" and like "Show me some god damn Proof!" , Well, I'm about to but be warned, what I'm about to reveal WILL be shocking and TERRIFYING to most so I ask any of you who are faint of heart to look away because shits about to get real!

Get ready, this is very REALLY REAL picture of Aaron's mistress..or should I say mister.

Aaron's mister is none other than man that goes by the name Brian Poshn, he's apparently some sorta comedian or something but what's more important is the fact that Aaron has been spotted with this man several times now. I can already hear some of you angrily spouting " SO! That doesn't mean anything! There just hanging out, there totally not gay for each other!" and that's where everybody is WRONG! I have photographic PROOF of the two being very gay with each other, it took many sleepless nights following the two and have managed to get a very convincing picture, be warned, the next picture I'm about to show is very REAL.

I unfortunately wasn't able to get a better picture but I think that it clearly shows Aaron in a pretty little tutu dancing around with his prince in the middle of a park late one night. Once again though, I know many of you are aren't convinced saying like "That's not Aaron, that's Steve Agee!" well, your wrong once again because Aaron Linde and Steve Agee are CLEARLY the same person! Aaron has been using the alias of Steve Agee for many years now to hide his secret life for a while now and as proof of such, I've managed to track down to comparison pictures that when put side by side, CLEARLY show that they are the SAME PERSON!!

Which one is Which, I dare you to tell me because I know your going to get it wrong because CLEARLY they ARE the same person! Aaron of course made it hard to find two alike photos by dying his hair and shaving his beard amongst other things but I think this comparison shot is enough to prove to everybody that it TRULY is true.

That's right folks, Aaron Linde is TRULY gay with a fat bald man, your secret is out Aaron Linde, or should I say Gayron Lingay!   read

1:17 PM on 10.30.2009

My Journey Back Into Retro: Kirby's Avalanche

Hey Destructoid! This is the start to hopefully, a long running series of blogs about my journey playing through some of my childhood favourites and some I haven't even played till now. I decided to embark on this journey due to my Xbox 360 getting a freezing problem that I can't get fixed without paying a hefty amount of money so I decided to pull out my Nintendo and pickup a Super Nintendo to play through some games from my childhood and one's that I've never played before. So without further ado, I present my first entry: Kirby's Avalanche.

"Help Kirby Bury His Opponents in a Landside Victory" DAMN that's awesome!

My Connection

This is one of the many games I rented as a child and one of the few a rented multiple times. It was also my first Puyo Pop game that sparked my love for the series. At the time, my siblings were to young to play with me but surprisingly, my Mom really got into and would play it with me and we would take turns trying to get through story mode. I remember really loving it as a child and having my mind blown by the Amazing voice acting (more on that later) and I remember the feeling of accidentally pulling off huge combos and the feeling that came with it. I definitely really loved this game as a kid and wished that I owned it.

So Awesome!

My Revisit

About a week ago and a bit, I decided to pick up a Super Nintendo and got Kirby's Avalanche and
Final Fantasy 3 (almost through it, it might even be my next entry!) and as soon as I got it home, I hooked up, changed my TV to channel 3 and started up Kirby's Avalanche. I was greeted by the cute "Kirby's Avalanche!" and the catchy theme song started playing, nostalgia was already filling me with the warm fuzzies. I started up the story mode and was blown away by the story before each match. If you have ever played a Puyo Pop game, you would know the story is just silly and cute but in the case of Kirby's Avalanche, it's all about the most awesome trash talking I've ever heard in a game ever! Seriously, watch this entire video and bask in the amazing glory of kirby's Avalanches' Story mode!


Top Highlights, SQUISHHHHYY! , a-MAZE-ing Lololo and Lalala pun and King DEDEDE

As far as gameplay goes, it still holds up well. It takes a couple of minutes of getting used to if you have been playing Puyo Pop Fever, but it's nothing terribly difficult to get used to. Speaking of difficulty though, if your not at least decent at Puyo Pop or you are new to the series, you'll most likely have a hard time getting through it. I play enough Puyo Pop that I can get through it without to much difficulty but consider yourself warned. I wasn't able to beat this game till now and I was damned proud of myself for doing so.

This Fucker always stopped my right in my tracks as a kid, FUCK YOU HEAVY MOLE!!!!

If you watched the video ( and shame on you if you didn't!) you would know that the character introductions are simply incredible! They blew my mind away as kid and made me laugh my ass off now. Also, I LOVE the little voices for when you get a big combo going! It makes just all the more satisfying. The graphics totally hold up still and are really cute and charming.

If you don't have much experience with Puyo Pop, prepare to see this screen...a lot.

My Final Thoughts

I went back into this game anticipating awesome and didn't come out dissapointed. The game still holds up very well and is Blatantly better then Mean Bean Machine, that's right , I said it. If you own a Super Nintendo or have a Wii, a recommend getting it for sure if you can find it or have 800 Wii points hanging around. The love is still there, along with the warm fuzzies of nostalgia!

The loves still there!   read

1:54 PM on 12.09.2008

Hi, I'm New

As the title would suggest, I'm new to destructoid. I've been lurking abouts for a while commenting here and there and decided to finnaly get myself set up on the cblogs. I'm your fairly average gamer, I've been playing since the NES days and still going strong with my 360 and occasionly my Wii. I'm into pretty much every genre and love me some great RPGs and can't turn down a good platformer. I'm looking forward to contributing to this awesome community and getting involved.

I also have a beard.   read

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