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Shredded Angel's blog

9:25 PM on 08.24.2012

I Made Something And Called It Unstable

I know I havenít been around on the C-Blogs a whole lot lately, but itís not like I was here a whole lot to start with. I had some good times. Lately, though, and I use the term ďlatelyĒ in a rather loose sense of the meaning...   read

10:40 PM on 04.18.2012

Late to the Wii Scene

Right now, in my life, things have settled down a bit. Iíve gotten my major medical stuff out of the way. I got a (somewhat) promotion at my job and now am full-time (guaranteed 40 hours a week). Also, my cancer looks to be c...   read

10:47 PM on 04.05.2012

Games and Art-Products, Are They The Same?

Games are an odd medium for storytelling; between being judged by their visuals, auditory performance, and controls, most try to pack in a narrative of some sort. Rather than books and comics, which use just text and still im...   read

11:09 PM on 04.03.2012

10-ish Things You May/Probably Donít Know About Me

Everybody seems to be doing this, and itís been quite some time since I last posted here. I thought Iíd follow the trend and get this up. Just be prepared to learn some facts about me you may not have ever wanted to know. 1 ...   read

9:10 PM on 12.19.2011

What Do Dean Martin and Selphie Tilmitt Have In Common?

Christmas and the entire month of December are flooded with nostalgic feelings and traditions shared with family and friends. I would be lying if I said I didnít have some of my own. However, besides the standard fare of exch...   read

3:11 PM on 12.18.2011

World of the Game

To start, and this is something that, as of lately, some games seem to fail to do, is draw a player in, and, more importantly, care. The player should be rewarded for their exploration and time investment into the game world ...   read

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