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ShotStopper93's blog

4:37 PM on 04.15.2013

Violence: Making a Point

Violence in the videogame industry receives more than its fair share of attention. Some people blame the increasing amount of violence and the increasing realism of that violence in videogames are the cause of aggressive an...   read

7:00 PM on 07.14.2012

Society's Perception has Changed More Than We Think

I write this blog in response to my good friend AhTheCastle's post about the perception of gamers in society. Before I begin, I will say I do agree wholeheartedly that the stereotype of gamers as socially awkward, pale teenag...   read

11:51 AM on 04.26.2012

Becoming Part of the Game World

The finest accomplishment of the role-playing game, whether played with a controller or a keyboard (or even pen and paper), is its ability to pull the player into the game world. Playing an RPG is like taking a vacation to a ...   read

9:06 PM on 04.22.2012

Games Aren't Complete without Great Music

Seeing as this is my first blog post ever, I figure I'll write about what's in my head right now. The song "Come, Join Us (Together We Ride)" from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It's been stuck in my head for hours, and I haven'...   read

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