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6:19 PM on 05.23.2008

I've always been a big fan of dungeon crawly RPGs, and roguelikes. There's just something about grinding and exploring vast repetitive dungeons that gets my gamer juices flowing. So naturally, when I heard about Etrian Odyssey, I was very excited. It brought back fond memories of playing stuff like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder.

It was also totally rape.

I think I died in my first fifteen minutes or so of actually being in the dungeon. My fledgling party encountered a host of insects, who despite being low-leveled totally wiped out my green characters. This was an ill omen of things to come >_>

I never actually got that far in Etrian Odyssey, from a combination of it being frustratingly difficult in places, and more importantly, being a huge timesink. I'm not sure I'm ever going to beat it-- it's allegedly pretty long, and I have so many other games to play that it would be criminal to invest so much time in a general (albeit fun) dungeon crawler.

So why'd I enter in the contest? Because the swag is pretty, and I'm a petty capitalist pig who only feels validated when I'm swimming in video game related junk :)

(Also it's nice to have games that aren't on my not-R4)

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