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Shoop's blog

1:18 PM on 12.17.2008


Wedge ordered the P4 Social Link Expansion Pack for my birthday/christmassy-thing, right after he found out I preorded Persona 4. Everything is pretty cool in it-- especially the shirt. Though it's really, really big for an allegedly "XL". I <3 Wedge. PS: The Teddy toy that comes with it is creepy. And lives on my TV :(   read

4:48 AM on 11.03.2008

Ew :(


8:41 PM on 06.27.2008

My Favorite Game: Starsiege

While many people have played or at least heard of Tribes, the game that series is tenuously based off of is comparitively unknown. Starsiege is my favorite game in the mech genre. Starsiege is the sequel to Earthsiege an...   read

9:15 PM on 06.20.2008

My Favorite Game: Master of Magic

Note: I don't actually have a favorite game-- this is the first in a planned series of my favorite game of each genre Master of Magic is a fantastic strategy game developed by Simtex (The same developer as Master of Orion)...   read

6:19 PM on 05.23.2008

Tales of Etrian Odyssey

I've always been a big fan of dungeon crawly RPGs, and roguelikes. There's just something about grinding and exploring vast repetitive dungeons that gets my gamer juices flowing. So naturally, when I heard about Etrian Odysse...   read

3:20 AM on 03.12.2008

My entry into the RPG Spotlight contest-- Wizardry 8

Honestly, I would've picked VII, but he had already played it, and it wouldn't be the easiest RPG to get into anyway (If you hadn't imported data from the previous game, you're left to fend for yourself with a level one party...   read

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