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Shinu's blog

10:03 AM on 06.18.2008


I went to Japan for 3 weeks this May/June.

It was a fantastic voyage.

Sega Center. Taito Center. Temples. Wisdom. The Void. Multiple Lights On Buildings. Music. Beer Vending Machines. Tobacco Vending Machines. Kind People. Heaven. Great Food. New Friends. Conversations In Japanese Everyday. Improved Reading, Writting & Speaking Skills.

The downer is that I had to come back.

Depression. Sadness. Back. In. Lonely. Shit.Hole. Life. Ugh. Hara-Kiri. Must. Do.   read

10:48 AM on 04.01.2008

Video Games are the cause of serious mental health issues pertaining to victims of abuse and neglect

A report by Mr. Scrot Holy

A new scientific research by the Institute Of Systematical Body Assault, Rapists, Baby Eaters and Evil Parents has found out that all mental problems developing after a particularly vile assault and/or constant forms of abuse are in fact caused by the fact that the victim has seen or played a video game at some point in his/her life!

It is particularily saddening to Assholes (c) everywhere that they are still, sometimes maybe I guess, being blamed for their actions of love toward their fellow human beings, while the fault resides in the victim habit of trying to have fun and enjoy themselves by playing video games!

The research came to conclusion that all problems in life comes from video games. If you are feeling suicidal after a particular foggy memory of abuse comes back to your mind, well, be aware that YOU played video games too! Huh? Huh? And do you have a few rock CDs in your room? Huh? Huh?!! Take that!

In another completely related note, a research by the Institute Of How To Commit More Warfare Crimes also recommends you to approve of war, privacy invasion, development of new weapons, and mass murder of civilians.

-Mr. Scrot Holy for FuxToid   read

1:33 PM on 02.12.2008

TM ETE Canadian' buyers beware!

This concerns the canadian version of Twisted Metal Head-On Extra Twisted Edition for the PS2.
The game box mentions in both french and english that it includes a "detailed artbook" and a
"free soundtrack download". However, the game does not include the artbook nor any information whatsoever about the soundtrack download.

So I called Sony. I was told to look for the download code in the artbook it didn't come with.
After that I was put on hold and told that the artbook and download were USA-only. Trouble is, it's clearly written as coming with the game on the canadian game box. So in the end I was told to write an email to Sony. I am expecting a positive answer where I can get the artbook and the soundtrack download. If not, I will file a complain to the office of consumer's protection.

This is the cream of the crop of BS for Canadian' gamers. I remember getting shafted in many pre-orders, but this one is solid gold (or poo)   read

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