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7:03 PM on 11.27.2012

It's worth pointing out that Rhianna Pratchett penned the story to the new Tomb Raider game. That game had months of extremely bad press that will almost surely hurt sales and reviews because the media was certain it was created by a cabal of sexist, sadist pigs.

For all the condemnation of workplace abuse going on, sometimes the media can be just as guilty of perpetuating negative stereotypes. "A violent Tomb Raider story couldn't have been created by a woman," but it turns out it was. The same woman who started the #1reasontobe tweets that everyone in the media is gushing about.


A cynic could even say that she was more motivated to create this for positive publicity because the backlash against her game has been so heated. Jezebel tore her game down the worst. That's irony.

"The Rapey Lara Croft Reboot Is a Fucked-Up Freudian Field Day"

"Freud would have a fucking field day with this. First, including rape in Lara Croft's backstory is an expression of the abject clueless dudery of a dismaying number of mainstream video games. Do the people behind Tomb Raider think that the way to get men to care more about a female character cover her up and then threaten the integrity of her vagina? "

"A Freudian Field Day," as in, deep down whoever created this must be barely able to contain their sadism and sexism, so it's spilling out into their creative work. But yeah, not the case, it was a story from Rhianna Pratchett.

A lot of the gaming journalists who are eagerly promoting these tweets in stories should realize that they might have more to learn than they originally thought. Hopefully her new game won't bomb at retail because of all the negative press and overreaction from people in the media who thought they were protecting something.

Condemning workplace abuse is fantastic, and I hope that one day no one has to be harassed at work. But it doesn't mean that every article the gaming media has ever written on gender issues has been part of a noble crusade, because many of them, if not most, have been extremely misguided. So be careful not to trip over your shoelaces during your victory lap.

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