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Destructoid ran a story two days ago praising the Kickstarter campaign of Susan Wilson, a mother who was asking for $829 to send her 9 year old daughter "Kenzie" to RPG camp. (Nevermind the next logical question, what the fuck is RPG camp?) Why you may ask? Because her brothers supposedly made fun of her and said that girls can't make good RPGs.

In the words of Destructoid's Ian Bonds, this was "awesome."

A thread about this on NeoGAF revealed a lot of interesting things about Susan Wilson that were not featured in Destructoid's glowing endorsement. I suggest everyone read the thread, as I won't really do it justice.

Turns out this Susan Wilson ...

is the same Susan Wilson that also happens to be a millionaire, now asking for $829 to send her daughter to "RPG camp." She's the one on the left, next to Warren Buffett.

She's the founder and CEO of The Judgment Group, a company that focuses on debt collection. She was featured on CNN Money as part of their list of The Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs. Oops.

Her Kickstarter campaign was only for $829, but she also happens to have stretch goals in place for even $10,000 contributors. She's also apparently gone out of her way to spam her Kickstarter campaign to women's groups and even the Ellen Degeneres show's Twitter account. Quite a lot of work for just $829!

Oops ...

It should be unbelievably clear to you by now that this entire Kickstarter campaign is a complete scam. It was designed to capitalize on popular gender politics right now, and it succeeded brilliantly. In the words of Destructoid's Ian Bonds, it is "awesome." He even is so kind as to link to Sarkeesian in the article so you don't forget how great it feels to stick it to the patriarchy by tossing money at things people know almost nothing about. Notice how she even literally makes a graphic of her daughter "Versus" her sons. The manipulation couldn't really be any more blatant.

There are more details to the story that I won't go over, but the whole thing is the epitome of sleaze. It's not clear whether this violates Kickstarter's own policies or not, because she's expressly asking for funding for education. Wilson also has an apparent history of trying to create funding drop sites for other popular causes she has no true allegiance with, like Occupy Wallstreet.

As it hilariously says in her CNN Money interview, "She recognizes the value of focusing on the details. [...] Next up: a website that enables debtors to make payments and negotiate settlements online. 'An individual will pay more when they're negotiating with a computer than they do negotiating with an individual,' Wilson claims." Apparently she was very, very right.

There are other sleazy aspects to this, like the fact that the $10,000 donation reward is a personal apology from her sons to the donor? Or the fact that she's making her sons very public villains in a KS campaign for money? Talk about throwing your own kids under the bus.

The Kickstarter campaign has been reported by at least a dozen people in that thread, and I encourage anyone who finds this objectionable to report it as well.

Furthermore, Destructoid owes their entire readership a formal, public apology for their article endorsing this Kickstarter scam. If any of their readers donated to this, they should really feel ashamed.

But hey ... it's not all bad. If you donate $25 to Kenzie's RPG Camp, you can get this bitchin' mouse pad.

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