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Devil's Third is Going to be a Good Game!

I am officially going to publicly put my reputation on the line and call it now - Devil's Third is going to be a good game!   This isn't going to be an extremely detailed blog, but the content is still important enough t...


DK King of Swing (Virtual Console)

I decided to pick up this game on Wii U two nights ago, and I seriously cannot stop playing it.  DK King of Swing was originally released on GBA in 2005, but now it's available on the virtual console for $6.99 in NA...


Personal Top 10 Games of 2014

2014 was an interesting year of gaming for me.  It was a year of transition, personally, and in gaming.  It was the first year I got a PS4 and tried out "next gen" gaming.  But instead of PS4 leading the w...


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