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Shinobi13 avatar 12:16 AM on 01.09.2012  (server time)
Ozzblog Backlog: January 1-7

With New Years just passing, one of my resolutions was to put the biggest dent into my backlog. I'm hoping to beat last years record of 66 completed games, except this time in just unbeaten games rather than ones I've perfected over the years. Figured I might as well keep track of a weekly progress, so here we go!

3 weeks in the first week is a pretty solid start, if I can keep this up all year I may finish my backlog.

Game: A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda
Platform: Steam
Date: January 4th

Take Megaman, only have 5 stages, and instead of pixel greatness, toss in really crisp flash animations, and you have A.R.E.S.
Basic side scrolling shooter with unlockable weapons earned after boss fights. Some of the hidden items like increased Max HP take some really tricky acrobatics to get to, but most of the game is pretty simple. I highly, highly recommend grabbing a controller for this though. With mouse/keyboard it works, but just feels awkward. When I bought my wired 360 controller and tried this game again, it just felt good, it felt proper. Can't say much for the story or audio because it's totally forgetable. Something about robots wanting to destroy humans and start a new circle of life on Earth, I dunno.

Game: Alien Breed 2: Assault
Platform: Steam
Date: January 5th

A twin-stick shooter heavily influenced by the Alien franchise, and from the minds of Worms. Seems promising, right?

Well, it is. The game may be short with only 5 stages (Few more if you hop into co-op), but each stage takes about an hour as long as you're not rushing things. There are only 5 weapons in the game, rifle, shotgun, flamethrower, chaingun, and rocket launcher, and while you can upgrade them, upgrades generally don't help all that much, sadly. This doesn't stop the game from being really fun though, as long as you enjoy pounding aliens in the face with lead and flame.

Game: Cthulu Saves The World
Platform: Steam
Date: January 5th

While you can't improve upon perfection, you sure can approach it from a different angle with the same mechanics.

I'm not even sure where to start with this game, everything is just so damn good. A retro 8-bit style RPG akin to Dragon Quest (Or back then, known as Dragon Warrior), 16-bit soundtrack, well-written humour throughout the whole game, everything just comes together and fits perfectly and feels so god damn good playing it. The only complaint I could see anybody having is that it's not a long RPG. Only takes about 4-5 hours to run through on Normal, but with unlockable modes and harder difficulties, you'll definitely be sinking in a lot more than 5 hours into this game.

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