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Shinobi13 avatar 2:31 PM on 08.03.2012  (server time)
"Gamer"s Do Not Exist Anymore

I remember a time when being a gamer just labeled you as such, a "Gamer". Then came along the divider for girls, "Girl Gamer". Don't forget the casual crowd, forcing the term "Gamer" to be divided into "Casual" and "Core".

Well it appears there's been another divider introduced into the equation. "Gaymer", a gay gamer. This is a serious thing, and these "Gaymers" are trying to get their own convention about it to. The GaymerCon is a convention that celebrates gaming, which is good, but singles out the LGBT community, which is bad. I'm not saying LGBT people are bad, but act of singling out a specific group of people is bad. Instead of having a convention centered around one community, have one centered around all communities, otherwise you end up reinforcing a barrier you're trying to break down, and that's stupid.

I understand that some people feel like other conventions like E3, Gamescom, PAX, etc. are centered around straight males, but they're not, you only feel that way. You're putting up that mental barrier that you feel left out, that you're not getting specific attention, when that's the farthest from the truth. There are always games being displayed that target all kinds of gamers, straight, gay, girl, guy, young, old, black, white, asian, whatever. No matter what race, sex, sexuality, you are, no matter what preferences you have, you will find games you'll enjoy at these conventions.

Now if the GaymerCon goes through, why not have a BlackGameCon, where it's centered around black gamers? Lord knows the vast majority of protagonists are white, so that means blacks are being left out, and not getting specific attention towards them, so they should benefit from having their own convention, right? If you disagree, yet think GaymerCon is a good idea, than you're a racist muddafukka.

Seriously though, between Cores, Casuals, Girls, Gaymers, this is getting retarded. When someone says to me "I'm a gamer", I'll now have to ask them to be more specific about it, because "Gamer" is no longer good enough, it's just too broad of a term, and doesn't mean shit anymore.

I am a white-male-hetero-bearded-tattooed-core gamer, that wishes he was just a gamer.

But seriously, where's my convention based around straight white dudes with tattoos and beards that play video games...
...Oh wait

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