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Shinobi Naruto's blog

1:18 PM on 12.14.2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Woo! Yeah! It 's ma birthday, and being 19 doesn't feel any different! But am off out in a minute which should be better.

So I got Need for Speed Prostreet for my birthday. I don't know why anyone felt the need to get this for me, but I thought i'd give it a fair chance.
It's actually not bad, it seems alot harder than the rest in the series, and the line indicator feels like its been ripped straight out of Forza.
Also, no police?! BOOOO!!!

Anyway Need for Speed is a welcome break from the game I have been playing all week, Mass Effect. I can honestly say that it is the most disappointing game I have encountered this year.
It is the only game I have played where you can kill people by walking into the boxes they are hiding behind. The AI on both the enemies and your allies is so turgidly poor that it feels like being in a fight that has broken out in the special olympics.
Why would an elite space commando run into a turret gun blindly?!!

The combat in this game has completely ruined for me it could have been promising, and I would've preferred a combat system like Kotor, but it wasn't to be.

But who cares it's my motherfucking birthday! Drink Bitches!! Enjoi Yaself!!


5:24 PM on 12.06.2007

Worst Day Ever!! (Maybe)

So it's my day off today. Good right? Well no, cause i get home and I discover my nice HDTV is busted!!

So what does that mean? That means I have to go back to my trusty old sony trinitron!
Haven't used it in a while, and I can honestly say that it looks like someone has rubbed dirt in my eyes, and then spat on me.

Everything is distorted and blurry, I cannot remember games looking this bad!

I'm probably overreacting, but thats just me, I have had pretty depressing week. So back off, and Obey my iron fist!

Sorry for the rant, just felt like getting that out. Now i'm gonna go bake a cake.

(Yes, I've been watching too much zim, but it cheers mes up)   read

4:05 AM on 12.05.2007

The Creed: Ending Problems?

So this is probably old news by now, but I've just finished assassin's creed and I can honestly say that I can't see what everyones problem with the ending was.

I thought it was great. It's really got me worked up over the next one. If you know what i mean ;-). It did end pretty abruptly but I didn't really mind, as I thought that the gameplay was amazing!

But this is coming from the guy who still watches Lost even after all the stupid twists and everything.

(This blog is not to be confused with the band Creed)



4:44 PM on 12.04.2007

Being English Sucks Balls!

So I woke up today excited by the prospect of the new xbox 360 dashboard update brightening up my sad and miserable life.

After finally getting back from work and downloading it the first thing i notice is that everything microsoft have promised is missing from the english update!

All I can see remaining is the social networking thingamajig, where I can view my friends, friends.

Also where's my Rock Band!!!

I'm a sad panda!

P.S. I'm New, so Hello!!   read

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