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Shin Oni says:

You Like Blazblue music yes? How about 8-bit remixed?

// Submitted @ 11:02 PM on 07.27.2009

First off...something completely unreleated to 8-bit...but cute because it's fucking Taokaka.

So we've all had our hard on for Blazblue the past few weeks/months/whatever. I stumbled across these 8 bit remixes of themes from the game...which sound awesome obviously. A lot reminds me of Mega Man right off the bat. If you like the music in Blazblue (or just want to listen to 8 bit stuff.) take a listen. Just a few of my favorites:

Litchi Vs. Arakune (Weak Executioner)

Noel's Theme (Bullet Dance)

Hakumen's Theme (Susanooh)

There's more on his channel (already done the whole crew and each Vs. theme. Along with the opening.) Though I don't see the Unlimited Ragna theme..or all the endings...and my favorite, "Game over" theme. But still. It's rather hot stuff.

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Shin Oni

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