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Shin Oni avatar 10:22 PM on 03.11.2009  (server time)
The "Where the @W#^ you been Oni" blog

Take a silly pic of me and a hot chick. Cause I feel like it.

I haven't been blogging as much lately. Too lazy and well...I think reading Mich's blog kinda make me want to NOT blog. But I'm getting the strength to blog and not play RE5 right now. If I wasn't on such a time limit right now, i'd do my mini review. But maybe tomorrow.

Some of you have seen me Raping (or trying to rape) people in SFIV (review maybe on that tomorrow too...i'm late.) I'm sure most of you would experience it if Capcom didn't go stupid and wait to add a update for something that should've been inserted from the jump. On the other hand, I can't really complain about it much. If you're up for matches, My Boxer and Rose are more than welcome to matches...or something.

On another note, i'm also getting ready for BlazBlue. Me and this lovely trap above these words will be ready to wreak havoc until some beastly Arakune comes and rapes me. You all should be too. Otherwise i'm still in a struggle of playing catchup with games. 1 game left in the Phoenix Wright series, a bunch of 360 games and i'm not even talking PS2 games. Between the mist of that i'm traveling far for my current job. Does it rob me out of my gaming? yes..but without it I wouldn't have my Arcade stick or some of my recent games. So one could hope I get a job closer to where I am now...

on the other hand, tax refund will basically eliminate most of my bills so I can save and get my ass out. So uh...yea that's all I can say. If there was much more going on in my non gaming life, i'd write so much more.

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